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For Sale:
O2 Objective 2 + ODAC Battery-Powered Amp/DAC Combo, Compact Enclosure, w/ RCA DAC Outputs - UNIQUE

Will Ship To: CONUS

I'm moving on to other equipment, so this O2/ODAC combination is for sale. 


What's unique about this O2/ODAC is that both boards are in the compact, original (as specified by NwAvGuy) aluminum enclosure, but the twin NiMH rechargeable batteries are retained! This of course makes the O2/ODAC highly portable and useful. This unit is in excellent shape and performs perfectly, via the ODAC's USB input as well as the front panel line-level analog port directly into the O2 amplifier. Additionally, RCA connectors on the back panel provide line outputs from the ODAC so you can use it with other amplifiers.


Other O2/ODAC combos sold in this small enclosure lose the battery power capability and always require the AC adapter for operation. This unit retains the batteries through inverting the ODAC board below the O2's PCB, with isolation of the boards and modification of the mounting slots in the aluminum case. Because of this, the ODAC's USB port is very close to the bottom of the housing. Just to be clear, the two 9V, 250Mah Tenergy NiMH batteries are included and installed inside the unit.


This unit has custom engraved & paint filled aluminum panels, designed by me and produced by Front Panel Express of Seattle.


The AC adapter is included for recharging and powering the unit from house current if you wish. Also included are two "OTG USB" cables. The silver one directly connects a Galaxy S III smartphone (for instance) to the ODAC, and the other OTG USB cable has a jack on one end for connecting another USB cable of your own choosing. The OTG spec is necessary for connecting modern Android smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S III to send a digital-out signal to the ODAC. The combination sounds GREAT. I recommend subscribing to this thread for up-to-date information on interfacing Android phones and DACs such as the ODAC: Not all smartphones are compatible with all DACs, so this thread is an excellent guide.


My price includes the Priority shipping cost and PayPal fees, to a verified PayPal address in the continental USA. 


Besides my Head-Fi feedback, feel free to check out my extensive, 100% positive feedback on Ebay.