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Question on modding HD 439

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I have had my Senns for about 3 months now, and i love them. By far one of the best headphones i have ever tried/had. 


However, on some songs it does seem to lack bass. The bass itself is really tight and crisp, which is fantastic, but it lacks the power that other headphones have. So i thought about doing the tape mod, but am concerned on what to do if i do not like the end results. 


In addition, The isolation could be better, so if somebody could post a link of earpads that could help, it would be great.

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Step 1:

Look closely at where the Pads connect to the cups. You'll notice tiny little tabs that go all the way around the cups.

Gently push the pads inward until you release a few of the tabs. Be careful not to snap one. (Look at the pic below and you can see the tabs around the housing)


Step 2:

Locate the 4 small screws that are under the felt lining:


Step 3: Gently remove the driver from the housing. Be gentle, move around the headband arms if the driver is stuck. Take your time as the inside wires aren't very long. You don't wanna pull too hard to separate the driver and housing.


Step 4:

Locate the Black tape covering the back of the driver:


on the 439 there are only 2 holes under the tape. The tape is thinner then the 428/9/448/449

So you will actually see the 2 holes.  You can either just poke out one hole, or I use a razor blade and actually score around the hole and lift off the tape. Just do one hole, then put everything back together in reverse order. Try it out and see if it's enough Bass for you. If not remove the tape over the other hole.  One hole should work fine. You'll notice the increase as soon as you put the phones on.


For different pads, just look at Sennheiser's website all the 400 series are swappable. Just get you some 428/9 448/9 fake leathers.

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Do you know if this would cause the quality of the bass to fall?

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Originally Posted by EvansCantStop View Post



Do you know if this would cause the quality of the bass to fall?

No , it's the same Bass as stock but has much more kick, the details and decay are still there.  If you open Both holes tho you'll get some muddy mids tho. But it will hit just as hard and deep as the DT770.  But it's not good that way.  Trust me, only do one hole.

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Got the 439 2 days ago and burned them in for about 30 hours.  Bass was slightly lacking for my taste so I did the mod removing the tape from just one of the holes.  The sound is exactly where I wanted it now.  Thanks for the pictures.  I had read up on how to do it before purchasing them but the pictures gave me the confidence that it would be easy enough to do without causing any damage.  All in all the mod took less than 20 minutes.  I now have a nice little brother for my dt770.

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Thanks a lot for this little tutorial ! Took 5 minutes and now I like my phones a lot more !!

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