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Hi , not too sure what it is called, but one of the "black round discs that goes on the outside of the headphone , black with Beyerdynmamic in silver printed on it," has fallen off, (pretty crap for a £250 headphone less than 3 months old), anyone know what the proper name is for this part?
I think the part is #909718 , Polar Audio do not stock them , Beyer in Germany won't sell them to me as I live in the UK and can only order from Polar, so much for border less transactions on the EC.

Anyone know where I can get one from? Do Custom Cans do them?
If I were Beyer or Polar I would have sent me one for free, but I must be getting old as I remember when shops tried to please and even retain loyal customers.
Now it has been such hard work to get I now have quite a nasty taste in my mouth about the brand. And am left with only option of having to return them to be " repaired" at my time and expense, they don't need repairing they just need the thing clicked into place must cost 10p to make and 50p to post.

Can't see me ever buying Beyer again