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what eq do you use

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hey head-fiers

recently I've been taking an interest in eq (more than usual) and I decided on a personal all round eq that I'm going to use, I called it cosy because the muffled sub-bass makes it sound like a cosy room acoustic, now I know it's not the best in terms of sound quality but this is down to personal preference and it's what I like so...any way here it is essentially it's warm tinged neutral but the sub and mid bass are a little muffled (I'm using foobar) I named it cosyq.


can someone please tell me how to use a graph plugin on foobar and which one I can use 


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That's it smily_headphones1.gif, it helps with the HE-400's treble, it's a little too high on that frequency range.

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simple, yet functional, I like it.

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