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Happy owners of C3 - C&C - MF EB-50 Combo

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Hi everybody, first of all I would like to thank all the forumers. Thanks to them I bought the great C3. Then of course the C&C BH, the

Pailic cable, and finally the MF EB-50. I am really happy of the combo, and by "geeky curiosity" I would like to share and understand what are the favorite settings of the other users that have the same combo. By that I mean :


- output 1 or 2

- low - high gain

- lf on or off

- sf on or off


For my part, I have all the parts of the combo since Friday, so I am not used to all the different possibilities offered, but after some hours of listening ( I should say "looping songs and switching on off all the buttons") I have come to this :


output 1

hi gain

lf off

sf off


What are yours ? Thank you in advance for sharing !






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i have the same combo and use the following settings:



output 1

hi gain

lf on

sf off



EQ: Normal


for me this sounds the best with quality FLACs.

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Thank you Gintaras !


Of course, C3 is on "EQ normal", I forgot to say it, but it was obvious for me as I like "flat" or as close as possible as the source sound !


Interesting to see that we both use output 1 and hi gain ! I tried lf on but I was not really satisfied. Of course, I think it depends on the kind of music we hear. I will try again !


I forgot to say that I mainly listen to Rock and Prog Rock. My main tests were :


- Arjen Lucassen "Lost in the New Real"

- Joe Satriani "Black Swans and wormhole wizards"

- Black Keys "El Camino"

- Ayreon "The Human Equation"

- Camel "Mirage"

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I have the rig, C3 / C&C BH Amp, I use this setting but with a range of different IEM's here I flick between high / low gain. For example,my RDB+ Hybrids perform better using low gain, but something like T-Peos H-100 Hybrid performs best using high gain switch. So it may come down to what you're paring with the rig.

LF switch on
SF off
Gain (depends on IEM)

C3: 40/40
EQ: Normal

Glad you enjoy it, I was just mucking around with an old ipod nano I have here paring it with the C&C BH and the difference when switching to the C3 is just another world, much cleaner, more clarity, better detail and instrument separation, soundstage is much wider. It's actually a great little set up, tey way they sit together is like they're made for each other.

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Thank you H20fidelity, you are one of the forumers responsible of my gear ;)


I tried the volume 40/40 of the C3 and that's obvious to my ears, the sound is richer and gives more details than having the volume at 35 for example. Interesting that you use the LF on, too as Gintaras. I will definitively give a try.


Concerning the lo-hi gain, I had a pair of Phonak PFE 122 and the lo gain was better, I felt. It's rather difficult to switch IEMs on the fly, as my ears need to re-adapt each time. Anyway, I like the sound the EB-50 give, I think I will stick with them. Don't get me wrong, I loved the Phonak, but the EB-50 seem more....made for the combo ;). One more time, difficult to be objective and it's obviously a matter of taste !

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Nik, you not lonely in this ... my wallet still cries angrily after me meeting H20 but i am happy we did. LF on was recommended by H20 too bigsmile_face.gif


in the end we buy things to enjoy them and not to rate or sell them, so happy music experience is what counts in the end. i love my portable rig and it's a keeper for me no doubt. right now i am listening to ELO Secret Messages and it sounds wonderful ... L3000.gif

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Gintaras, you are absolutely correct ! That's why I enjoyed reading the total of more than 100 pages on the forum concerning the C3 and C&C before buying them. And I thank every poster for that ! I really enjoy my gear now and the only goal is : pleasure ! And if possibly sharing the pleasure with other by sharing our own experience.

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Yes mate, many hours of happy listening. Frankly speaking I was purchasing EB50 out of the blue just because I know and love MF products and they did not disappoint. At that time I did not have much idea about custom IEM but I also was not willing to spend more than 300 euros on IEM alone. MF fit my bill gladly and is a joy to listen. I had some IEMs before but never was 100% happy and this one was first IEM to make me completely satisfied. 


Same can be said about C3 and BH, I know some people complaint about bit cold signature of both and this is true. However, unlike in high-end c3 and BH pair nicely. I was really surprised to hear great synergy no matter cold and analytical presentation both they have. Very interesting indeed.


And do not be diverted, here you will see some people searching fidelity holy grail... just remember music listening is priority and all this gear just serves one purpose namely to make our ears happy biggrin.gif

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And do not be diverted, here you will see some people searching fidelity holy grail... just remember music listening is priority and all this gear just serves one purpose namely to make our ears happy


I wouldn't have been able to express it better ! I am a great video enthusiast, too and after spending 8 hours tuning my beamer, correcting micro-inches of colors and sharpness, I realized that I was spending more time on the technical aspect than enjoying watching movies. I stopped and began to appreciate the quality without making a holy quest of technical tuning. Music is the same, I think. When it comes to quality, that's an important thing, but I will never spend more hours testing, trying, analyzing and buying stuff only in case the new gear will perhaps sound a little bit better. Well, let's say that my C3, C&C and EB-50 are perfect for my ears and that's it. Thanks again to all forumers out there that shared they experience and allowed me to discover the Grail ;)

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Nik, yeah, it appears not many people know how great is this combo we have ... btw, if you reading may i ask you how you discovered EB50? also curious which eartips you use with EB50?

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I discovered EB50 on this forum ;), then I looked around in Europe where I could buy them and found a french website that sold them for half-price than other dealers, so like usual I said "why not" ?

I am really happy with them ! I use the standard eartips they come with, but I will try the full box of other eartips they give you, too. But I think I'm going to find other "noise reduction" tips, as these ones are not NR, but safer when walking on the street ;)

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What pailiccs cable are we talking about?
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