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Rewiring of HD 555 - Help sollicitated

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First post!


I am currently considering rewiring my old HD 555s for multiple reasons, including the cable failing once in a while (short, I guess) and the cable itself being 1 zillion meter long (3m). I thought if I'm going to change the cable, might as well do it properly.


I have no real past experience in HiFi audio, although I'm very exposed to pro audio things these days. I'm having difficulties finding the information I need to complete this operation, I guess I'm simply not knowledgeable enough or I'm not looking for the right things.


Here is my current plan based on what I've found so far here + on google:


Inside connector (inside the 'cups' I think?):

Will use "motherboard" connectors (because that's how the 555s are connected inside). Like in this thread.



After browsing a few threads, there seems to be a few names that come back often. Seems that a generally good idea is to get some Mogami 2893 as described here:




I finally figured it was called a sleeve. I have no idea what to get nor why.



I want to use a right-angle mini TRS (1/8"), or a not too big normal mini jack. I will carry this around everywhere.

Again, so many connectors.

I have settled on a Neutrik NTP3RC-B just because it looked nice and I had to settle on something.


I will also apply a copious about of heatshrink where needed.


I need help for finding where to buy these parts, as i live in Canada, sourcing these is a little harder (US stores not possible, ebay.ca almost always devoid of anything, etc.).


Thanks for any suggestions!

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I've found these two Canadian retailers to be invaluable in my DIY adventures.  When possible, I try to buy from US sources, but these guys carry items I actually have a difficult time sourcing domestically.  


I like the Nylon sleeve from Take 5 Audio personally.


I'd also recommend considering Switchcraft for your connectors as they've got an extremely large distributor network, and you can purchase via Allied Electronics (among others) in Canada.

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Thanks! Meanwhile I stumbled on Take Five Audio and ended up ordering small amounts of mogami 2893 and nylon sleeves. I took 3 sizes of sleeves (3/16, 1/4, 3/8) because I couldn't figure out which one I needed exactly. It really was not that expensive.


Looking at the mini jack from switchcraft I am not very impressed. I'm not looking for audio quality for jacks as I can probably not discern any jack from another (so, for me, it doesn't matter). Rather I was looking for cable stress relief (when the jack is physically anchoring the outside of the cable). Otherwise, I have local shops who carry these ones who look dam cheap but those are the 'best' I can physically get here.

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