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Urbeats sound quality

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Hey there. Im looking to buy a pair of in ear headphones that have good quality, and look great.

I was thinking about the urbeats because they look great. Im not an audiphile, i just want a pair of headphones that are an upgrade over normal headphones that come with an ipod or your phone.

I know you guys are will say buy other brands, beats r overpriced. Pls dont come here and do that.


I just want to know if the urbeats has good sound quality. Ive heard from some it has, some reviews say it doesnt. Im not sure. 

 I listen to rap, hip hop, a bit of rock and some dubstep. 

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A lot of places will let you demo earphones. Nobody loves the idea, but with the use of rubbing alcohol it is less gross.

Try them out. If you like the way they sound and look, and it is within your budget, go for it. Yes, there are people that will tell you that you can get more for your money, but everyone has different taste and priorities. I've owned Beats in the past and found they were better than stock phones. Definitely more bass which will suit your music taste.

You can also later return them or ebay them for 70+ percent of what you paid for them.

Good luck.
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