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Help picking pc sound card for gaming...

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Hi, Ive been gaming for many years and at this current time I'm getting back into PC gaming more then console and wanted to get a sound card for my PC but not sure which one, this is my current set up...

MSI Z77A-GD65 Intel Z77 mobo via optical cable to astro a40 mix amp (because i use to mainly play console games) then into custom made Audio-Technica AD700   ( Ive basically added a microphone jack in side of headphones and replaces stock cable with 5 core cable to be able to have both mic and headphone on same jack) will i benefit from a sound card without spending crazy money looking to spend up to around £80 if it will give good returns. main purpose is to get better directional sound and hear further distances if possible. am i better of keeping amp with a sound card or just sound card ?? not the most knowledge in this are hence why i come to you guys for help. Was looking at the Xonar range is this the right direction?


any input would be most grateful...


Thanks Craig~

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If you are just using the AD700's, I think the Asus DG(x)/DX would be a good value.  It has virtual surround sound and a halfway decent amp.  Price is pretty good too.



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Edit:  double post.

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would you still use via my astro mix amp or not bother?


thanks for quick reply also 



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I wouldn't bother with the Mixamp, the sound card provides the same Dolby Headphone feature.  I'd still keep it around if you game on consoles though.

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My only concern is I did this to my headphones http://www.head-fi.org/t/484176/dark-knight-ad700-gaming-mod-lots-of-pics ....and I don't have a "Y" splitter to convert from the 4 pole gaming cable adapter to a dual 3.5mm Stereo/Mic cable for use on PCs. The gaming cable was made with the intention of being used with the Astro MixAmp. So if I was to leave my astro Mix amp plugged in would it downgrade sound quality at all ?

Also would I get much better quality from a 7.1 card?

Thanks again ninja
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Been looking at ASUS Xonar D1 Sound card still in budget , what you guys think ?
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I would think that you would get some kind of interference by plugging the Mixamp as well, but don't quote me on that.  My suggestion would probably be to pick up a cheap mic somewhere, maybe a Zalman clip on or a Y cable.  The D1 and the DG models aren't too different.  The D1 does not provide 7.1 virtual surround to headphones but rather to analog speakers.  They both have the same Dolby Heaphone feature, I guess if you wanted 192khz I'd be worth it but that's debatable IMO.  I wouldn't worry much about the difference between 5.1 vs 7.1 sound, I'm sure you'll be able to discern the general direction someone is coming from.

If you want to stretch out your budget a bit for the latest tech, the Sound Blaster Z is a very competent gaming card.  It also has a pretty good built in amp if you decide to get headphones that require a bit more power in the future.



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