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Hey guys,


I'm looking to make the transition to IEMs and am torn between the UE 4 Pro and UE 5 Pro. At least for the time being, I am only really going to use them for listening to music. I know that the UE 18 and UE 11 are far superior in terms of monitoring, but I don't see myself playing any shows in the next few years due to being busy with my career, family, etc. My last two sets have been the Shure e2c and SE215, but I want a custom mold. I think the UE 4 Pro would be sufficient for what I will use it for, but I am concerned a little bit about the bass being a little thinner. I listen to music from a lot of genres with some hiphop, club type music throw in, so is the extra $200 worth the jump to the UE 5 for a little more headroom and supposedly more bass? Has anyone had experience with either of these models?