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Has anyone compared the E9 and the Magni?

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They're in roughly the same price category. Has anyone compared them?
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Yes, I have. I like both of them. E9 is a touch warmer, but in general not what I'd call a warm sounding amp.

The Magni is much more transparent and has no warmth to my ears, which is OK and not a problem for me.


Strangely when I connect various devices up to my Magni it's stupid easy to tell the difference. With the E9 it's a LOT harder. I noticed when I connected my old MSII DAC to my E9 I could almost hear some coloration from the amp and the E9 was not as revealing of what was connected. It's almost as if I wasn't fully hearing JUST the dac. I know that sounds weird. I kept wondering why my old DAC kept sounding so different between my Headroom Micro and E9. It was because the E9 was much less transparent.


Treble on the E9 seems a bit smoother, but I may be wrong and there's no way to confirm this.


I love the Magni, but it's no massive upgrade over the E9 despite all these great specs on paper and how transparent it is.


If someone asked me what I'd pick for an $100 amp for the q701 only it'd be tough to pick between the two.


When I compared them I was using a Q701 and ODAC.


Believe it or not theres not a huge difference. E9 seems to be every so slightly more musical. Whatever the heck that means. I was pretty impressed how nice it is with the Q701. I sold mine recently for $60.So stupid!!


BTW despite measuring flat the E9 does sound like it has some very very slightly forward mids. Probably impossible.


Magni also sounds clearer for whatever reason.


Have you seen the E9 measurements on Goldenears? Pretty impressive from what I can tell. All "Excellent" across the board.


I'd say the E9 is much less revealing, similar sounding to the Magni, but with the "cold and analytical" part missing. Not as transparent.


Also when comparing them, the E9 made some recordings warmer than they should be. The hard part is figuring out what the artist intended them to sound like!


The variation in recordings with the Magni, ODAC and Q701 is very impressive. I seemed to get this effect a little less on the E9.


OK, none of this rambling probably makes any sense...


Oh yeah.. I see you have the HD-650. ODAC+Magni is VERY impressive to my ears. I would have bought the Magni just for my HD-650 and DJ100.


I was never a huge fan of the Asgard, but I love the Magni! Can't wait to try the Asgard 2 sometime.

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I got the Magni to get just a little more of the analytical-ness that the O2 was trying to deliver (but couldn't deliver overall power and it fought with my MSII+).

I'm thinking my next amp will be a Phonitor, but I don't know if it would work with the HD650, HE-500, and the likely HD800 I want to get someday.
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