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Vanessa Mae Fans?

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I am wondering if there are any Vanessa Mae (Violinist) Fans out there.


First time I heard her music was.... when I was in a kindergarden? (about 18~20yrs ago)


My grand father bought the CD, played it almost everyday. 


I didn't really like what he was listening to (Mostly classics), but liked Vanessa Mae's musics.


Her musics are very powerful, not like regular classical musics.


Even after 18~20 years which is now... I often listen to her music...


I still have the original CD.


Everytime I listen to it, ahhhhH! GOOSE BUMPS everywhere!

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Well, I would classify Vanessa Mae in the category of "classical crossover".

I liked her at begin, but then then found her a bit artificial.

Her rendition of vivaldi summer ("storm"), is a bit pale , compared to genuine classical rendition.

I'd prefer to listen for instance to the rendition with Giuliano Carmignola with the venice baroque orchestra.


The direct competitor to vanessa mae, is the group "Bond", that sound much more commercial.

But you can find similar artist of that kind here:


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