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Relatively new to the whole audio side of things so any help & advice will be greatly appreciated. 


Recently treat myself to a pair of 250 Ohm Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro's for personal use (gaming, listening to music etc). I was intending to use them with a sound card I bought for my computer which came with a built in amp however I'm having trouble getting it to work. If I continue to struggle to get the sound card working, I am tempted to get a portable amp instead.  


Has anyone got any recommendations please? I've been looking at the FiiO E6 & E7 but don't know if they'll be powerful enough or which of the two to go for. The E7 has DAC (digital to analogue converter) where as the E6 doesn't. With what I'll be using the headphones for, will I benefit from having DAC to warrant the price difference?