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Spider Moonlight "STUDIO" Headphones

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Hello everyone.


I was wondering if anyone here has tried these new "Studio" headphones from Spider? Looking at the specs are, of course, a waste of time using so many beautiful and positive adjectives! LOL


From their page:


When it comes to sound reproduction, no one knows more about the possibilities than studio engineers. They’re the ones working to ensure that what’s delivered to the listener mirrors what was heard as the artists actually performed.

With that in mind, Spider is proud to introduce the Moonlight Studio Monitor, a luxurious, top-of-the-line professional headphone that offers unparalleled clarity and detail and will take the concept of “high fidelity” to a dramatic new level.

Moonlight’s pinpoint accuracy and vivid soundstage reveal every musical subtlety and nuance, with a clear, clean, vibrant, and unmistakably “live” sound. The word is already out in the industry – music has never sounded this real before.

Combining the ruggedness and durability of professional headphones with a uniquely appealing 21st-century look, the Moonlight Studio Monitor is tailor-made for recording pros, for whom there can be no compromises. Now the most demanding home listeners can also enjoy the thrill of hearing music exactly as it was meant to be heard – direct from the studio or stage!


  • 10-26,000 Hz frequency response reproduces the full audio spectrum
  • Unparalleled clarity and presence with wide dynamic range
  • Engineers can pick out each individual instrument, even in large ensembles
  • Panoramic, multi-dimensional soundstage
  • One-of-a-kind look and feel
  • All-aluminum lightweight frame affords maximum comfort, even after hours of continuous use.
  • Superior isolation and noise-canceling
  • Premium leather ear pads with memory foam
  • Specially engineered and modulated detachable connecting cable made from highly conductive, Kevlar-reinforced, braided oxygen-free copper
  • Premium gold-plated connectors
  • Elegant and stylish zippered case with removable over-the-shoulder strap


The only thing I could find was this:






A few extra months have passed and it actually seems they will be releasing them now!


I don't know why but I actually like the design! Seems the headband is similar to the Shure SRH1840s, earpads look comfortable the question is.... sound!


Anyway, any news, be sure to post.

I think I'm getting them just for the heck of it! lol




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Here's some actual pictures not the computer model. Useless review there don't even bother wasting your time.



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Holy hell!!!!!

They look even nicer!!!

Trying to find my buddy so that he sends me one. He told me he saw them somewhere... :-(

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Got the Spider Power Force and the Spider Moonlight on the way.


YAY! :-p


I'll take some pics and compare to my Mad Dogs (similar price range) and my Ultrasone Signature Pros probably next week!



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I've got to ask where did the Moonlight get sourced from? Not seeing it anywhere yet, at least the flash on the linux here won't let me load it into cart at their site to see about shipping etc.


Interesting that they state they have their own factory so tighter control. Just never noticed that before.

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Actually, my buddy first thought he had seen it in a shop but he didn't. It was one of his pals (musician) who had it! The box was not even opened! I think these were given as a gift in a show or something but I'm not sure. This concerns me a bit because now I don't know if it's a production sample or an unfinished product.

Anyway, it's on its way to me.
From what I've read about their cheaper bassy offering, they make good products so I'm excited.
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So on their way to you for a temporary testing period, or did you actually score/ get these particular ones somehow?  Well,  when you order your own "for sure " production pair you can give a direct comparison, just so you set you mind at ease right wink_face.gif  Give them something crazy like a billion hours break in to be certain.


They sure look really well built.

Nice to see they weren't rushed out either been a while with these.

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Originally Posted by nick n View Post

So on their way to you for a temporary testing period, or did you actually score/ get these particular ones somehow?  Well,  when you order your own "for sure " production pair you can give a direct comparison, just so you set you mind at ease right wink_face.gif  Give them something crazy like a billion hours break in to be certain.


They sure look really well built.

Nice to see they weren't rushed out either been a while with these.


I actually GOT them (as in they are MINE ALL MINE!!!! lol).

I will contact a Spider Representative for sure with the Serial Number just to be on the safe side (actually, I think they have someone/an account here!). And I will definitely compare them. I'm not sure if Tyll actually heard them, but I think I read that they were supposed to come out with these last year and decided to "tweak" it a bit more. Hopefully the tweaks were for the better...

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yes the serial number sounds the best way.

  Please don't tell me how cheaply you got them either.

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Very QUICK impressions (hour and a half in or so...):




  • Very Nice looking (IMO)
  • Nice big and padded case
  • Cable seems good quality but...




  • Cable is long, stiff and slightly microphonic. It also weighs a lot. Also... after using "single-sided" cans, this dual one is just... ugh!
  • Pads are comfortable but too big! So big that the top of the headband actually causes a bit of discomfort
  • Sound is airy but it feels that the upper mids and highs are boosted. Can't listen at more than 11 o'clock on the Schiit Magni...
  • Seems the pads help with soundstage but wide soundstage + boosted highs... meh!
  • Where is the bass? Definitely missing it (after listening to the Mad Dogs and Signature Pros for so long now...)



And I guess that's it for now... ok ok a bit more.


Sound signature kind of reminds me of the Shure SRH940 and KRK 8400s, but I feel that these two sound more "natural" than the Moonlight (this is of course based on memory). Listening right now to something like Calvin Harris - "We'll be Coming Back" (a track I found quite engaging and makes me want to get up fist pump and dance) it's quite underwhelming on this headphone. It's probably all that missing bass/mid-bass... (I need to test it further at home). Listening to Alison Krauss and Union Station - "Sinking Stone" which is an acoustic/vocal drive song is actually quite pleasant BUT still sound artificial... too bad I no longer have the Shures, I would have loved to compare them. Same type of comparisons done with songs different genres like:


- Mexican pop, Paty Cantu - "Afortunadamente No eres tu" (no bass presence, vocals alright, boosted highs all the way, artificial sounding)

- Metalcore (or whatever lol), Killswitch Engage - "The Forgotten" and "Rose of Sharyn" (ouch... ears... are... bleeding... Guitars are way forward -- not bass I guess -- but the attack is just too much for my ears. Again, where is the bass guitar? I can't even discern it!!)

- Emo (or post-hardcore... again... whatever :-p), Mineral - "& Serenading" (doesn't sound too bad actually... but it's probably because I like the sound even if it's coming out of AM radio! hehehe)

- Merengue, Blanco y Negro - "Pido y Rezo" (Good instrument separation and wide sound stage. Horns and Trumpets feel quite alive, can quite discern the piano, CANNOT hear the bass guitar presence as with other cans, vocals are quite forward BUT again, it sounds too "in your face" and unnatural compared to both the Sig Pros and the Mad Dogs which is probably a more appropriate comparison due to price range...)


And those are basically the tracks I have listened to for now...


So early results... I don't like them quite as much... but of course, I always stick with headphones for at least 1 or 2 weeks. I'll be able to post pictures and maybe more impressions later.


I can say though, if these are aimed for Home and Studio use, I don't remember having monitors that lack that much "body" and warmth even if just a little. (I had some Tapco/Mackie/KRK monitors at home for recording tracks/ideas I came up with and to, of course, listen to a couple of tracks and "steal" chords and stuff like that and I found them quite good.). I guess they boosted it up to make it more "unforgiving" maybe? To maybe TRY and do both (mixing and tracking at home?)? Not sure.


For $350 these retail, I think they are asking too much... I'd be content with KRK 8400, Shure SRH840/940, etc. (i.e. That price-range should do much better for these... they do look good though and come with a great case and good quality pads and cable but...).



Anyway, here ends my initial impressions oficially! :-p




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Sounds like a Gradotongue_smile.gif

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Haven't heard a Grado in a while (and I have just listened to their lower-tier headphones...) but... kinda... lol. From what I remember, the b-rollof was worse... but I guess it's an "open" vs "closed" thing.

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Listening to their Powerforce headphone it's actually GREAT!!! Their cheaper option seem more "musical" to me in the little time I have listened to them. Even though they have way smaller cups, they feel good and sound great,... hmmmm...

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Thanks for the impressions, will be interesting to see if they open up at all for you after some serious run-time.  Let's hope so.

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