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Ultimate synergies

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Hi guys....i recently posted a comment under a Colorfly C4 thread and wondered if you thought this may have any legs within it's own thread? I've copied my query below for comment....


'I'm surprised there are not more suggestions of perfect/great matches of certain headphones to certain players and their particular technical or sound quality variations and charaters....? As the owner of a new Colorfly C4 I would love for someone to say something along the lines of.....this player is great for a.b. or c but you may want to use, (for example....) a closed back over ear headphone to enhance the lack of bass and a certain type of brand which has a certain sound signature would also help synergise with the strengths of that particular player......sort of thing.


I appreciate that you don't all own shops with loads of gear variations, but a great synergies of source and headphone combos would be a good idea I think....especially to newbies. Just a dream......maybe I should open a new thread along these lines?'



Thanks guys!

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Out of all my players, dacs and amps there is something quite magical about the HM-601

using line out into a Graham Slee Voyager.


My HM-801 is now my main player, but the above sounds amazing for the money,

and when I go back to it, all that's missing is some detail and a blacker background, but in

some ways the 801 is less fun to listen to..

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