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For Sale: Grado GS1000

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For Sale:
Grado GS1000

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I've decided to sell a few of my headphones which I've bought over the years but which I hardly every use.

I bought most of them in the days when I was an active head-fier and even than they have little use and all of them are in excellent condition.

I will pay for standard shipping if I get the right offer

I never thought I would sell them, but I've decided to go ahead and put the money towards upgrading my Audio Research LS17 preamp to an LS27 which I would use more.
So help me out guys. :)

I really hate to let any of my headphones go, but there is little point in hoarding and just keeping them in a drawer.


This is the original Grado GS1000 headphones. I personally find them to be so light on my head and my most comfortable headphones.

I just forget that I even have them on.

These are in excellent condition. There is not a mark on them.
I have all the original packaging.


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