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Wanted: External hard drives

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This Classified is Closed

External hard drives

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Looking to buy external hard drives. 500+GB, let me know what you have. 





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Not ignoring my messages. Will respond within 24 hours. Just unable to at this moment. 

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May I ask where you are located? (city, state, zip code)?


I have a Newer Tech Ministack version 2 external enclosure ( 500 GB Western Digital IDE / PATA 7200 rpm drive in it (bought brand new many years ago, no longer under warranty, but alway trouble free and lightly used).  


Hard drive is not outrageously loud (no high pitched whine, just moderate idle noise), but the exteranl case also has a small fan that is rather noisy.  Should keep hard drive cool, but probably not ideal for music listening if hard drive is close by.

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Got what I need for now. Thanks for all the offers!

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