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Lawton Audio modded, Denon AH-D2000s!

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First post!

Hi my name is Troy.

Title describes the cans in my current "portable" setup.


The setup being:

5(.5)th gen iPod

Fiio L9 (or L11 for charge and play)

pa2v2 (Thanks Gary!)

LA M-D2ks (Thanks Mark and Lawton Audio Team!)


Not that I actually listen to the huge cans on the go, but I like my music! Still an undergrad at university, so a home sound system is not something that I will have in the near future. However, I am graduating soon, so we'll see how things turn out post-grad.


Anyway, a little bit about me, my setup, and how I ended up on these forums.



I like video games, love music, enjoy movies. Undergrad studying Linguistics & Japanese. My other interests include sports: playing golf and tennis, and watching those sports as well as basketball (although I only got into watching basketball recently). Personal health and wellness is also a recent interest of mine: yoga, going to the gym, attempting p90x, and trying... to eat healthy. Trying, because student budget makes it difficult to eat as healthily as I would like. Hahaha.


My setup:

Acquired the 5th gen ipod during my community college days. For a long time, I'd been listening to music out of an older gen ipod (with iBuds), then I acquired this ipod. Shortly after, I acquired an iPhone 3GS (still use it!). Did a little bit of reading, and if the information is legit, the source I am using has a DAC from Wolfson. Which I, in my as of yet limited understanding, understand is a good thing.


The FiiO L9 and L11 were acquired from Amazon earlier this month, the pa2v2 arrived from Electric Ave shortly after, and then finally the LA M-D2ks. The cans actually arrived at my place today! Excitement!


Landing here:

I was actually logged on to Guild Wars 2, and I had recently joined a big guild, decided to represent them on one of my little characters and sent a message regarding headphones into Guild chat. A few suggestions and a short conversation later, I found myself at head-fi.org, creating an account! Most of my activity here has been reading, well... ALL of my activity until this post has been reading, so... yeah. =]


Reviews have been extremely helpful! Thanks to all who have taken the time to write them, especially to those who have authored the ones I have read (sorry I don't know specifically who these thanks go out to, but for what it's worth... thanks anyway).


Future purchases(?): senn HD650, hifiman he-500, soundcard for my desktop, desktop amp.

Currently awaiting the arrival of: usb to mini usb cable and senn headphone rack... thing... holder!


Sorry about the long-winded, first post, but if you're still with me at this point, then thanks for reading!!!



PS If you're wondering how I acquired this set of cans with my "student" budget. The answer is that they were a gift for my birthday (which was yesterday 2/21).


PPS Guess I can't upload any pictures yet, but if/when I am given the privilege of doing so, I will upload pics of the custom cups by themselves (they're Black Walnut btw!), the headphones, and the whole setup.

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happy belated. welcome to head-fi

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Welcome to Head-Fi. Sorry about your wallet.

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