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Sennheiser HD202 II Pro vs HD203 vs Razer Electra vs Audio-Technica ATH-M30

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Hi, I am looking for a good cheap pair of headphones. My budget being under $50.


I just purchased the Sennheiser HD201 and I plan to return them on account that they have a very, very low volume. I can manage on my PC and my phone as I can crank up the volume, but a key reason I purchased these was to be able to use them with my PS3 and since I can't adjust the volume on that, all games sound like whispering to me... Clearly, its no fun to play games with these on, so I am returning them.


I also found that these pair of earphones are a bit lacking in the bass. I don't want overpowering amounts of bass, but a bit more would have been better. I played the song "How to Save a Life by The Fray" while wearing these, and it sounded terrible. The intro part of the song had a bit of bass that I could hear far more clearly on my $20 Sony in ear buds, but this almost completely nullified the bass and it didn't add much in mids or high range either.


So, long story short, I am unimpressed by the HD201 and I want the following two features from my new pair of headphones:

1) It should have a louder volume, and if there is an adjustable volume, even better.

2) It should have more bass than the HD201.

3) It should have a reasonably balanced sound (i.e. bass shouldn't unduly overpower the mid range and the highs)

4) "Preferably" they should be comfortable for long duration usage, but this isn't key.


I have arranged the 4 points in decreasing order of importance for me. 1 most important, then 2, 3 and least being 4.


So, I've been looking at some headphones in the price range of $50 and found the following:


> Sennheiser HD202 II Pro

> Sennheiser HD203

> Razer RZ04-00700100-R3U1 Electra

> Audio-Technica ATH-M30


The Razer Electra don't seem to be a very well known brand, however I see good reviews on Amazon and on other websites. I do believe it has a lot of bass and I think it has volume control.


So, which among the four do you suggest? OR do you suggest a 5th?


Kindly help me out here! I am new to all this stuff and I can't tell which is better!

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bump! No one here who could help?

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go for a superlux 681. Look around for reviews.

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Originally Posted by ShiftySound View Post

go for a superlux 681. Look around for reviews.

There are three versions of it, Superlux HD681, HD681B and HD681F. All seem to have their pros and cons and I am a tad confused. Which among them do you suggest? Is there a proper definitive review to compare them?

Thanks for your help by the way. It is my first time in a forum like this and I really appreciate the help. Hope to build my audiophile credentials over time! :)



Oh god! I think I will NEVER be able to make a decision! I found out about superlux HD668B and this forum claims that HD668B has a more neutral sound and that HD681 suffer from sibilance mids and tinny sound but the HD688B doesn't have those issues BUT at the same time has a bit lacking bass..


If the bass is more than sufficient on the HD688B (say better than the Sennheiser HD201 that I hated) then I may go for those. What do you say?

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the HD201 is really stingy in the bass area as far as i can hear, the HD202 is really boomy, the superlux HD 668B is quite a value king, but im not sure about the HD681 though.

so i thought i just put in here what i can help out withrolleyes.gif

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Just bought the Superlux HD681. All I want to know about it are 2 things:

1) Does it have sufficient bass while maintaining good balance?

2) Is it sensitive enough, i.e. is it loud enough that I can hear without the need to crank up the volume all the way?


I used the HD201 and they were very low. I couldn't hear clearly unless I turned the volume all the way up.
And which do you prefer: Superlux HD681 or HD668B? I heard a lot of reviewers stating that HD668B is "boring", "lifeless", i.e. not much bass, while HD681 is more "engaging", "fun", "lively" and better sounding, and better bass...

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well i haven't heard the HD681, and only heard the HD668B for a few mins so i can't really comment about it sorryredface.gif
all i know is that the HD668B is really quite a value purchase, seemed to have enough bass.(even higher end shure headphones have plenty of bass compared so the HD201)

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Well I Own The Electra For Over A Year For Gaming And Music It's Very Good Headset For Under $60 USD,
It's Very Comfortable For Gamers Who Wear Headset Nonstop From Midnight To Morning
I Even Can Falls Asleep Using This Headset,
The Build Quality It's Awesome Alot Better Than Beats Studio( i own The Beats Studio too)
The Plastic it's very Durable u Can Even Twist it(better than Beats Quality, u Twist u'll Break it)
Sound Quality Are Good And Alot Of Bass (But Not OverPower The Mids N highs But A Little Muddy I Think)
i Own A Beats Studio $300 USD The Sound Quality/Bass/Sound Volume it's Only A Little Bit Better Than the Razer Electra That Cost $60
But The Comfortable From Razer Electra is Much Better Than the Beats Studio

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I own the superlux hd681 and from what I could tell they are balanced up to the highs where it becomes very high. If you could equalize the highs then hey are great. The volume is just a bit low for my taste but I normally listen loud so I don't know how it will be for you.
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@lite taker

Can i know where u bought superlux HD681?

I stay in hyderabad(AP india).'Phones are available here?

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