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Wanted: WTB: MOTH Amp

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Will Ship To: Anywhere

Looking for any Moth amp. Please PM if you have one available for sale. 

Thank you.

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Are you seriously looking for a Moth Audio Amplifier? My name is Joel Marshall I was the art director for the Moth Audio. Craig Uthus was the circuit designer who guaranteed that every single watt delivered quality audio. We are re-opening the company this year. Our first product will be a 6 watt stereo amp using two 2A3s in parallel per channel. You can add your name to the first ten people who are ordering this amp, or you can special order any amp we made in the past. Prices have definitely changed and we will no longer pre-stock amps. The only way to order will be to special order with a 50% deposit. Depending upon pending orders, delivery times will be between 6 - 10 months. Quotes may take up to two months depending upon the product. Some products (like the Sphynx) may no longer be economically viable. Please contact us for quotes.


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