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Originally Posted by Kamakahah View Post

The amp from the sound card would probably lack the juice for an ortho

This. and the essence is decent if you NEED a card, but it has a build in amp which would might make you have to double amp which is usually avoided when possible. A nice external dac/amp combo will probably last a lot longer too. While some sound cards last years, I feel they are just not are reliable/ the quality is just not there. Another problem is noise coming from the card depending on your rigs internals. An external would not have that problem. 


I hate to bash on cards... I use one myself. But I feel like I "need" the 3d audio. Truthfully I may be selling it and just getting a dac though as usually I never even use the features for 3d audio as it kills the overall quality of sound for me. 




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I recently spent a bit over 500$ on the schiit modi+magni stack and a set of sennheiser hd600's purchased from razordogaudio, which by the way is a great site for purchasing headphones. I have so far been loving this setup with my computer and with my laptop and would recommend it, though I don't have much else to compare too at this price level. You definitely have a few options at this price point though, good luck with your decision.

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