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Hi everyone - Mike here. I'm posting on behalf of my friend and colleague Bryce Carr who was at the 2013 SF Bay Area Meet last week:


"One of our favorite things to do at Ultimate Ears is to get out in the field and meet with those who use our products. Heading up to the CHANGfest this last weekend in the Bay Area proved to be a phenomenal experience. Being able to talk to everyone there about their specific products and their hope for the future of UE helps to drive our company forward. Putting faces to email addresses and HeadFi usernames is always a treat as well! All weekend, we loved having people stop by to share their love for our products. We're so happy that the Ultimate Ears Reference Monitor has been able to fill a void for so many people. Being able to allow everyone to tinker with the new Ultimate Ears Personal Reference Monitors was a great opportunity.


To all those who made the jump on a new set of Ultimate Ears, welcome to the club! We're happy to get these orders going for you right away.


Down the road, if anyone needs anything, please don't hesitate to let us know! We're always happy to help the UE family out; it's the way we do things here."


And did I mention that we're leaving a PRM Tuning Box in SF? Get in touch and I'll give you the details.


Many thanks,