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Etymotic hf3 cable

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I have a pair of Etymotic hf2 which I like but I am on my third pair and the cable or the connector keeps breaking, probably from being in my pocket connected to the iPhone.

Is there anyone I can ship these to who can replace the ****ty cable and connector which come from the factory with a better cable and connector? Maybe a fabric coated one that is resistent and a good low profile L-shaped connector? Maybe putting a female connector near the microphone so that maybe I can replace the cable if the plug becomes defective again?

Since these have a mic and volume knobs on them it will have to be a T-R-R-S L-shaped connector, not just a T-R-S one.

Thanks for the advice

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If they are in warranty period I hear Etymotics is good about replacing them for free.  Otherwise these phones don't have a replaceable cable.  If you want Etymotics with replaceable cables, I think only the ER-4 series is the only option.

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Etymotic won't fix your headphones but will send a new pair if they're under warranty.  For out-of-warranty phones, there's a program where you can buy a new pair at a discount.

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do you guys know of anyone who does custom mods on existing headphones so I can replace their cable with a new cable?

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I'll replace your cables. Can you PM me with your e-mail?

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