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Greetings all.


I found this site while looking for comparison between various DAC's I've been wanting to check out.  I've not found anyplace else that gets into discussion about DAC's as I have here.


I'm primarily a speaker guy, and have just put together a second system for use in my office, with the source being my music collection that I maintain on my notebook.  I have been looking for the best bang for the buck DAC to feed the amp and speakers I've gotten for my work area.


I do also have an interested in IEM's in that I have a Clip+ (with Rockbox) that I use to listen to music during my daily workouts.  So I've been spending some time in the forum related to that also.


Anyway, I just want to say hello and look forward spending more of my browsing time here.



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Welcome :)


Once you explore and do more reading on the forums your wallet will be in danger. 

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Welcome! What DAC's did you have in mind and what budget? Also, for the IEM, what budget and music preferences?

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Enjoy the ride brotha.

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