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bass amp for HD 800?? 1000 euro +-

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hello,in my countless times reading internet... it always led me alot time to this forum


recently I had tried Audeze LCD-2 and HD 800 with amp Violectric V200....


I am a drum n bass music producer,this whole genre of music is center around deep,loud sub basslines that come in many loudness dynamic shapes and low overtone flavors.... the lowend is extremly critical,everbody say its super important but for dnb its even more,the ability to hear down to atleast 33hz is essential


when comparing the two,I liked the LCD-2 bass more,it seemed flatter more even sounding but the soundstage,separation,clarity,and crazy detail of HD 800 is such I dont think I can live without it even trought they sound like theres very evident hi pass filter in them compared to Audeze


now heres the point,I want amp that will reduce the bass problem of these HD 800 as much as possible,but I dont want to sacrifice,detail and width witch were things that drawn me to HD 800 in first place,also I am poor financialy,so amp in 500-1500 euro... I cant afford Apex Pinnacle or WA-5 and stuff like that


I am also not sure if to go Solid state or Tube.....       I heard the V200 is warm tube like amp even trough its transistor,that makes me fear if there  are amps that would reduce lack of bass more than that when V200 is already called "warm"        I prefer analytic precise truth to some romantic lush pleasure


warm colored amp + cold colored HD 800 = closer to truth.... your opinion?     



amps I am checking out.... V200,Soloist,DNA Sonett,Mjolnir,Bottlehead Crack.... WA-6 & 6-SE

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you should go for another headphones, there is no point in trying to make the hd800 be something they are clearly not,


if you are into soundstage,separation,clarity,and crazy detail, all in one with bass and extension too, from my experience, i suggest you try v200 and beyerdynamic t1

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