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V-Moda LP2 vs M100's?

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I'm mainly interested in a fun, bassy over ear headphones with reasonable portability (no 8ft athm50 cable!) and I've narrowed it down to the VMODA lp2 and m100. I don't want studio monitors and I'm  not obsessed about sound quality, but I'd still want a pair of headphones that are more durable and leak less that beats. I was wondering what the differences between the lp2 and the m100s are, besides the folding design. I know that supposedly the m100 is less bassy and more balanced, but I know they both have alot of bass, and I may even like the lp2's sound signature better. They both look the same, the only difference being the size, but for owners of the m100 and lp2, is the folding feature really worth $150? I can get the lp2's for half the price of the m100s, what exactly have they improved? Besides the sound because the differences aren't significant enough to me... if I wanted a balanced set of headphones I wouldn't be looking at vmoda. How much bigger is the lp2 with the case, I have to fit it in a bookbag with my laptop and textbooks. 


Also, I've heart different opinions on the comfort, the pads seem shallow but some people say its comfortable, others say it feels like an on ear headphone??eek.gif  

I've looked at alot of reviews, but anyone that owns an lp2 or m100, is there anything that's important that most reviews would miss? Just personal opinions would be helpful too, I can't find much about either headphones, only the old lp's. 



I know ebay isn't a good place for electronics, but I am looking at a set of lp2's cheaper than Amazon, but they're open box and I'm only worried about it being fake? They look ok to me, plus its good feedback: 


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Taken from the M-100 thread.

Should give you an idea on the size of earpads.


As far as whether or not the extra $150 is worth it, if the different sonic qualities does not seem to likely impress you, then I doubt the folding capability alone of the M-100 will impress your money much. The M-100 does come with other accessories that may or may not impress depending on your needs. But mainly it's the sound change & foldability (I think). Also the fact that you can use whichever side for your input jack, as far as I can see. No I do not own any V-MODA headphones to confirm this, unfortunately.


As far as not liking long cables though, I'm not entirely sure if the stock cables provided are as long as the ones they sell on their website separately. If they are, then they're around 6ft. That's plenty long for me, but you can always wrap them to shorten them.


I just do a slipknot type of winding. Possible because they're quite malleable and not too thick.

Doubt they will revert to normal after unwinding with this kind of torture position though.

Great cables nonetheless.

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