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Good pairing for DT880 250 Ohm?

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Hey all,


I recently got a pair of the dt880 pros and the E11 amp. I'm still within the return period for the E11 and am thinking i should just dive in and get a good home amp instead. I've been looking at the O2 and schiit magni. Another option I'm open to is a DIY kit.  I want to try to keep it under 200.


Anyone have any experience with these pairings?

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I had the 880/250 for some time.  I actually didn't like it too much, but I thought it paired very well with my Woo Audio 3.  The 880/250 is a pretty dry and un-engaging headphone, but it does respond favorably to OTL tube amps, such as the Woo.

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Thanks for the response. With tube amps can you still hear the higher frequencies just as well? I've heard that some roll those off a bit. I'm using these for mixing, so i want to have as broad of a frequency spectrum as possible.

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Oh, for mixing, they are a great headphone.  Mixing is meant to be more brutal and honest than just listening for pleasure.  You'll want a pretty linear amp for them, then, like the O2.  I have the E11.  It's a fun amp, but I wouldn't use it for mixing.

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Thanks for the suggestion, hodgjy


Wanted to type an update for anyone looking to power the DT880s. I decided to buy the O2 amp from JDS labs and wow, it's exactly what I hoped it to be. There is a much smoother sound across the whole spectrum. Most noticeably the bass, which just seems to have a more precise presence. Kicks sound rounder  All of this while still maintaining the balance that i bought these phones for. I found my perfect pairing and couldn't be happier.


Anyone looking for amp + headphone pairing for mixing, I don't think it gets anymore accurate than this combo. I will be using this for a long time.

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Just made an account to say thank you for your findings. I am about to dive in and buy a pair of DT880's, but I was at a loss as to what amp I should get. I was tossing up between the Magni, the Fioo e10 and heard the O2 mentioned a couple of times.

I love my higher frequencies and a smooth, but punchy bass, so this is perfect!

Thank you so much.
Time to buy!

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Glad to be of help. I was using the e11, which took some of the clarity away from the treble, and some of the bass would bleed into the mids. The O2 just makes every phone sound better that I've thrown at it, keeps instruments sounding separated, and keeps the true character of the headphones, which is a BIG thing for me.

I would also recommend to get the JDS Labs version of the O2. Build quality is superb.
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