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choices, choices and more choices....

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Hey everyone, I'm in the market for a new set of full size phones.


I've read all about and sort of fallen in love with the Shure SRH940 but

think the romance is doomed failure if the plastic cracks up - that would

completely piss me off after spending the dollars on them!


So, it got me thinking... what do I want in a set of phone? More to the point,

it made me realise how much I have to rely on peoples' reports and recommendations

because here in Oz, we can't just return the phones if we don't like them. They can only

be returned if they are faulty...then they get replaced with the same ones - so no win!


The brief;


I like clear mid and treble, dislike sibilance and really like tight, fast, responsive

and powerful bass. I would like frequency response down to 5Hz. I'll be driving them

from my laptop (HP Pavilion dv7) or a Denon AV1311 AV receiver fed by an iMac via

optical cable. I do have an iPhone but don't expect miracles from this as it doesn't have

the power to drive full size phones. (the iPhone5 does sound nice with the new ear buds though!)




about same ballpark as the Shures but no higher unless it is a fantastic deal!




I am interested in getting a portable amp/DAP or even a DAC/AMP in the future

but am still learning about these and really need to know how my current set ups

sound with a good pair of cans.


Any and all constructive feedback very welcome!


Thanks in advance,


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It's not completely clear what you are looking for here. Is it headphone recommendations? If so, there's a whole forum for full-size headphone discussion.
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Thanks, yes I am looking for recommendations. I'll check out the forum.

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