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How did it all start for you?

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I can remember the first album I actually really LISTENED to that moved me and looking back I can confidently say that's where my head-fi journey began.


I can only vaguely remember the gear; some variation of Sony's Diskman with obligatory SUPER BASS ear buds that I paid extra money for and my parents thought I was crazy because the ones that came with the player was 'just as good'.


But I can remember the CD: Goo Goo Dolls - Dizzy Up The Girl.  I still have the CD.


The rest, as they say, is history.


So where did you begin?

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Time to date myself.

I grew up in a house that everyone was big music fans.  My parents were/are " Original" Hippies. I came in 1974 and by that time things were changing. My parent always had get togethers with music always being played. 

 I was never really a fan of " Their" music but having older Brothers and Sisters. I was much more pulled to what they were jamming.

Rush, Kiss, Nazareth-The whole 70's music list!!  Now that I'm older " Their" my parents music now has become mine..

 They were listening to Hendrix, The Dead, Fleetwood Mac and the like...What did I know then?, I was more into seeing Gene Simmions on the cover of ALIVE II.  biggrin.gif


 I've had many " Moments" over the years as far as music goes, But on my own it would be the very First CD I bought.

Rush-2112.  This was around 1987/88.  I remember it was expensive and only at the time a Japanese import.  Like $27 bucks or something. Later in the year they were being pressed in the States, But that's cd history.

 Best money I've ever spent....That cd is long gone, But I have bought another Japanese copy about 5 years ago....

 That is the best time ever, it was at the time cds were brand new..A big change in music!!!

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in the 60s i used to listen to my older brother's 45s on a small mono record player. stuff like the beatles, stones, traffic.

the first band i seriously got into, that i started buying their records.[well my mum paid for them!] was SLADE.

i got into the whole british glam thing. when i hear americans going on about glam they talke about crue and others but they're not glam imo.


stuff like bowie, bolan, the sweet, slade, suzi quatro, wizzard, gary glitter.


the first lp was slade alive. thats the only live album i've ever gotten into.

slade were good as they exposed me to a heavier guitar sound. songs like take me ba'k 'ome for instance. plus the live lp has some very heavy stuff on it.


then i bought the first queen lp. back then the band were considered to be heavy rock, and this one and the one after were just that.

the guitar was amazing, and i loved all the vocals.

i've ended up getting all their lps over the yrs. as far as i was concerned queen were IT!


got into thin lizzy and ufo quite a bit too.


then once queen ended there wasn't any other band that did anything for me. that was until i heard king's x.

they sounded so different at the time. not so much if you go back to listen to their songs today, but back then they were unique in their sound.

so i now have all their albums.


my favourite type of music is classic hard rock. i love great guitar solos.

have tried listening to today's music but i've heard it all before unfortunately.

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Early 1970's in junior high.  First 2 albums I purchased were Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon" and Led Zepplins "Houses of the Holy."


My dad really took a liking to the Floyd album and my Mom was mortified with the cover art on the Zepplin album.

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