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first post here. I am looking to invest in a pair of headphones with a spending limit of a little over $300. I am big into all types of trance (Vocal, progressive, uplifting) and house (electro, tech) music. I did some research and a lot of people have been recommending the hf780s but I've also heard some good things here and there about the new m100s. I like to be able to fully immerse myself in the vocals and buildup in trance while also being able to enjoy the more bass-heavy house tunes.


Which should I go for? I'd also greatly appreciate it if anyone has any other solid suggestions that fall within my price range. Thanks.


On a side note, I've also read somewhere that v-modas aren't as reputable a brand as the others (ultrasones, beyerdynamic, dennon).. Is that true?

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