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Wich In-Ear

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I hope someone can help me! I'm looking for new In-Ears. I narrowed my search down to these ones:

1. Sony XBA-3iP
2. Klipsch S4i
3. Shure SE215

Or maybe any Senheisser recomendations?

I listen mainly to pop, rock and opera on my IPhone 4s,(no hip-hop) My mp3 files all have 256 bitrate. My previous In-Ear was a Senheisser CX 400 II. I am looking for an upgrade. Any other brand/type recomendations are welcome,but not sure if they are for sale in Holland!

Thans you
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I'd look at the TDK BA200. Similar to the Rock-It R-50's that I own, but I think they are a bit warmer with slighly more lower end impact. Or if you don't care too much about bass punch, the Rock-It R50's are really quite fantastic for Opera and Rock because they have just amazingly extended mids and highs. Don't buy the Klipsch, they aren't in the same league as the other two on your list or the ones I've recommended.

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Thanks for your reply! Ok, no klipsch?! I gonna look for the In-Ears you mentioned.
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