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I just bought this earphone because I am amazed by the magic of Dirac HD Player in changing the musics from Apple earphone and EarBuds on iPod Touch, and I just found that there is an app based from the same technology that "tailored for t-jays four": JAYS Curves. Although it is mentioned FOUR, I bought the THREE anyway because basically they are the same earphone w/ same drivers (the difference is on the remote on FOUR) but cheaper. (It is looked like each T-JAYS NUMBER has different sound quality, the frequency response is increasing as the number rises, w/ THREE and FOUR share the ultimate).
The original sound of T-JAYS THREE (T3) is quite surprising. After burn-in it for approx. 8 hours, the bass is deep w/ well defined contour. Although it is quite prominent, it is not dominating and I can even say that T3 is a natural sounding. The treble is clear and soft, not too sparking and surely not giving a "dark" sound (contrary to some claims). The mids is quite thick and lean.
After spending enough time for enjoying it plain, it is time to combine it w/ the magic of technology I do like much. The source is iPod Touch 4g w/ JAYS Curves. Once again, I am amazed by the technology! With the pairing, the difference is very very prominent to my ear. Separation of instruments is very clear. The air is there to give a sense of spacious soundstage. The bass and the treble is more powerful but not distort the mids and still give an overall natural sounding.
The last wonder of T3 is when amplifier comes to the system. I was in ecstacy hearing the sound of my lossless musics from a combo of iPod Touch 4g + JAYS Curves + Hippo CriCri/Fiio E06/Graham Slee Voyager + T3. With any of those combinations, the details and dynamic was escalated. So, I think JAYS had done their part tremendously in creating T3 as a highly qualified earphone w/ so much hidden potentials. Now, it is our part to reveal them.
Maybe my review is mostly positive and may give an inappropriate picture. So now I would like to try giving a big picture: the natural sound of T3 is not as natural as Ultimate Ears UE900, the bass is not as punchy and deep as and the soundstage not as spacious as Sennheiser IE80, and the details is below both, VSonic GR07 MKII, and Shure SE535 Special Edition. Lastly, among those I have mentioned, T3 is the least comfortable. You can still wear it while sleeping w/ ears against the pillow, but you will find some difficulty to place it in your ears properly (at least at the beginning).