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For Sale: Symphone Magnum V3.5 (Custom)

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For Sale:
Symphone Magnum V3.5 (Custom)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Symphone Magnum V3.5 in iroko wood shells.  I sell only woody shells + Magnum V3.5 + attached black dragon cable with male mini XLR termination, 414 earpad (not include headband, metallic rod with cup holder, headphone cable)

What you get is shown at the picture below.

I bought this from stratocaster 10 months ago and rewiring with Moon audio black dragon cable, terminate with high quality mini XLR. So you can use with any LCD's cable.

Very good condition. Great sound for the price.

Lightly used because I prefer LCD3 and PS1000 more.

So I decided to let it go.

My price is 120 USD not include shipping (10USD). Paypal please add 4%.

Thank you for looking!

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good price...what model grados were they before?

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Hi RMac


This is not grado drivers, it is made by "http://www.symphones.ca"


Normally you have to sent grado 325is or MS2i to replace with this Symphone Magnum's driver.


Sonic quality is at RS1i level but without treble peaky.


Many DIY love to install this wonderful driver in the woody housing which has less weight than aluminum housing and smoother treble.

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This was sold.


Thanks everyone for looking.

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