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For Sale: IC: Denon AH-D7000 -- MarkL Mod!

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For Sale:
IC: Denon AH-D7000 -- MarkL Mod!

Will Ship To: CONUS

Well, I've been considering selling these for quite some time now. Mostly to fund other headphones/equipment. I love these headphones, but they don't get as much head-time as my T1.



         Anyways, these are in great shape. They have a very tiny indent in one of the wood cups which is shown in the picture. There is also some minor blemishes on the magnesium frame on the front side from setting them down, but its just light scratches mostly. The cups are in VERY good shape with almost no scratches, and the side of the frames has no scratches I can see. The pleather pads and headband are in extremely good condition showing almost no wear and being almost like new. The cable is in very good shape as well. The headphone is still very solid and doesn't feel loose or damaged in any way. I would rate these 9/10 for overall condition and would only give them 8/10 due to the light scratches on the metal.


These are MarkL modded as in the driver damping + stuffed pads. I purchased them already with the mod made, so I cannot open the headphone up to show any pictures, but the headphones sound excellent!  For someone looking for that LA-7000 sound, but without the insane premium of the re-cable + custom cups, these are the ones to get!






I will accept Paypal as payment and will ship anywhere in the CONUS. I use UPS Ground with Tracking for all my sales.



Thanks for Looking!! tongue_smile.gif

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bump, still for sale.

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500 UK pounds ?

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looking for a little more.

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Would you not ship to the UK?

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i prefer to sell in the US, i have no experience shipping internationally.

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