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I have recently purchased a HIFI ET MA9c directly from HIFI ET.

I am very pleased with it, the only problem I am having relates to Rockbox, I am hoping for some advice from this forum.


Not having a PC with Winows XP or 7 32bit, I requested that it be shipped with Rockbox preinstalled. This did happen, and when booting from the card it boots into Rockbox with no problem. The combination of this player and Rockbox I find to be excellent.


Having Rockbox preinstalled, I expected to be able to download the latest Rockbox files for the MA9C from the Rockbox site, place on the SDHC card and boot to the newest version.


When doing so, I receive the message “bad id No”. I have then looked at the info file (Rockbox) that was on the card that came with the player and work. Comparing this file to the one on the Rockbox site, the id numbers for the payer are different ( do not have the details here with me).


I checked the relevant details for the files for the MA9 on the rockbox site, this file has the same player id as the files pre loaded onto my player. Despite this being for the MA9 not the MA9C i tried these files, the player booted but of course the screen colours were wrong as expected using the incorrect files.


I am at a loss as to why this is the case. I have contacted the company and they were of little help. All they suggested was to install as per the instructions on the Rockbox site. This is no help to me as I still do not have a machine that will allow me to do the installation.


I would like to know it would be possible to place the files for the MA9 on to my card, then replace the files that impact the screen with those from the MA9C (if anyone can identify them).


Whilst I am pleased with the player and that it has Rockbox on it, I am currently unable to upgrade to the most recent Rockbox files where it should have been a simple issue of placing the MA9C files onto the card.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

You picked wrong rockbox version... that id is the device id it checks.


Just download the one from ma9 website, it has also the BASE file so you have dual boot.

 MA9 version havent changed much for a year. You can update to newest from rockbox, but download ond OVERRIDE the .rockbox files, not replacing. Also, when you use rockbox, u still must pick the build for the device.