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For Trade: IC: FT: Logitech/UE 500

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For Trade:
IC: FT: Logitech/UE 500

Will Ship To: Conus

This is just an interest check at this point.


I bought myself a Christmas gift a few months back, a brand new pair of UE500 IE's. I absolutely love the sound of these, and have even written a review which was recently published by Logitech/UE --- on their website. I would absolutely stand by these. They are quite possibly the best sounding IE's I've ever owned.


So, having said all of that, why in the world would I want to trade them, then? Well, it certainly does NOT have anything to do with being in any way unhappy with them. But after using them for a few months now, I have decided that, as much as I love these, I would rather have some portable On-Ear's, instead. My reasoning has everything to do with FORM FACTOR, and nothing to do with SQ.


LIke I always do with my audio equipment, I have taken immaculate care of these. They do have over 200 hours on them, but most of this was burn-in time. I have ALL of the original packaging which I'll include, as well as ALL of the original tips, as well as two pairs of un-used Comply Tips also. And, as if that wasn't enough, I am also going to throw in a pair of MEElectronics RX12-RD. The RX12s are brand new but are a replacement, so no original packaging will be included with them --- and I am not even sure if I still have any of the tips --- but I'll find out --- I think I do.


What I'm hoping to get in return for all of this:


I have been taking a close look at /Joker/ 's Portable Headphone Shootout...I have my eyes on a few of those in the Tier B range:


Maybe the Senn PX200...or the Creative Aurvana Live...I don't know. Let me know if you have anything from that list that you might be willing to let go of. It doesn't necessarily have to be anything on that list...just let me know if you have something you think I might be interested in. I prefer something with a V-Shaped Soundstage....maybe something by Sony, Pioneer, Koss, AT, Senn, Denon...or something comperable. But one thing I am NOT looking to get out of this is a pair of DJ Headphones (and also not interested in Ultrasone Zino's, either). No thank you.


If its on that list, it should be something that earned no less than a 7.5 for SQ (since this was approx what the UE500's earned)...



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