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Originally Posted by bowei006 View Post

A lot of what people perceive to be stable or not with the X3 hinges on the X3's VERY sporadic and random support for the files they have on the X3.


If you have too many files in too many folders on a level or in some sporadic way, the firmware tends to be much much less stable than if you were to say have 20 songs on the entire device.


"sporadic and random support" for the files types FiiO clearly states they fully support is not something I expected from this device - or any device - even for a device at this price point.

I would also like to point out that the support response I got from FiiO in regard to these playback/performance issues was to prompt me to update to the latest firmware, above all else.


Its been a decade (likely more) since I acquired technology I felt was nowhere near ready for the market/consumer, but the X3 stands out as a conspicuous example of that.


PS: about the "too many folders" bug: Can anyone state exactly which folder configurations are going to cause problems? I have a 64gb card with 74 albums, of which 68 of them are stored directly in the root folder. IE: there are only a few folders for artists that have more than one album inside them. No matter how you look at it, I don't have the oft-mentioned 200 folders on the card yet, and still I have had playback problems every time I use the X3. Is there an ideal configuration that works every time, without fail, or is this still in the territory of "unknown"?

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Originally Posted by bowei006 View Post

They 'document' it with change logs but it is hard to go back and find those changes

I am talking about what they publish to users. I don't find that anywhere on the website, maybe I missed it.

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2.05 changelog:


The official release of FiiO X3's new firmware (FW2.05)!—Oct 25th, 2013

One X3 serves dual purposes: The official release of FiiO X3's new firmware (FW2.05) with newly added DAC function!

Some improvements to FW2.05 Based on the former FW.1.31 version, some improvements have been made into FW2.05.

1. Using the dedicated VID No. 2972 that applied by FiiO independently. Please reinstall the new USB DAC Driver to solve the prompt problem as “Android Device” by the PC manager.

2. "USB Mode" had been added into the system settings. Now X3 can be used as memory card as well as USB DAC.

3. Formatting function had been added into the system settings, by which can format the TF card.

4. The limitation of gapless playback for album only had been removed. Now the gapless can work when it is ON for Order or Loop playback (not for Single cycle or Shuffle play).

5. Fixed the issue that, it shows MOV for the coding information when change the suffix from M4A to AAC, now can display normally as AAC.


2.1 changelog:


The release of FiiO X3's new firmware (FW2.1)—Nov 20th 2013

X3 Firmware version FW2.1 fixed the following issues in version FW2.05:

1. Fixed issue with playback of 192kHz tracks where repeated plugging 
   and unplugging of headphones may cause the sound to change pitch.
2. Fixed issue where the song's progress bar does not move when fast forwarding.
3. Fixed issue where X3 produces "pop" sounds when used as USB DAC with 
  certain computers. (glitches may still occur with improper computer configuration)
4. Improved file sorting in browse mode, being now compatible with songs exported from iTunes.

Others were released as images alongside the firmware posts on the website/facebook. See below 1.31:


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The big question is why it works like a charm for some people and not at all for others? Could there be any difference in the hardware between batches since the software is the same for everybody?

I know very little about the technical stuff but I think it's strange with this huge differences......
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I'm curious as to what is it about my X3 that causes the popping noises in DAC mode, despite not having the issue on my Headroom Desktop Amp and even my newly-acquired Schiit Bifrost Uber. Yes, I asked about this a while back and tried to make as many adjustments to my computer to lower latency. Even with the so-called latency spikes, the Headroom and Schiit products work fine. I have this issue on other desktops and laptops. Sounds like hate crimes with certain X3s...

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Originally Posted by maniac2003 View Post

2.05 changelog:


2.1 changelog:

Others were released as images alongside the firmware posts on the website/facebook. See below 1.31:



Do you have the link for those?  I don't know why I have so much trouble navigating the Fiio website.

Thanks for the info!!! :beerchug:

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Yeah it's not easy to find something. Search function in the Support section (they should be there) doesn't work for me either.

I uploaded the jpg and txt here: https://www.mediafire.com/?tahzp9np55n2ps0

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Originally Posted by Cannikin View Post

I've installed the firmware three times now. How many times does one need to do that before it's correct? FiiO support emailed me last night and said this about FW 2.1:
which suggests to me that improved performance isn't exactly on the near horizon. I'm sorry -- I'm really trying to get my head around this device and get settled in to simply enjoying its outstanding SQ, but the obstacles it throws in my way every time I pick it up are proving to be far too challenging for someone who just wants a plug-and-play DAP.

Why didn't I choose the DX50? Because of reviews like this: http://www.audio360.org/daps_a0013_review_ibasso_dx50.php Also, because it's not easy to actually find a distributor.

The DX50 sounds like my X3, every issue is what i have experienced with the X3. Fiio support told me the same thing about the FW 2.1, going back to the previous FW as they requested did not resolve my issues.

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Originally Posted by Rodster View Post

Hi all, I just received my Fiio X3 from Amazon yesterday. Despite a few struggles getting setup, I did manage to get it working yesterday. So far so good.


My USB port on my laptop caused some errors on the internal memory of the X3. I moved all the files to external storage. I ran scan disk and repaired the errors. My question is this. Will I damage the Fiio X3 if I do a reformat of the internal memory?


Thanks !

When i first received my X3 i was using the USB port to charge the device and after charging i turned on the X3 and all internal memory was erased, this was just the start of my issues. Fiio support helped me restore all lost files but i had them disappear several times, crazy!! 

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Oooookay, themes are a bit North Korea...

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Originally Posted by Lifted Andreas View Post


Really sounds like a firmware issue to be honest. Nothing to do with hardware.


Have you tried totally wiping and installing new firmware from scratch??


Hi Lifted,

So this afternoon, after more troubled playback, I did the "please just delete the pop up database file named "usrlocal_media.db "." process as recommended by FiiO support, and - as instructed - told the device to rebuild its library file. Well, guess what? Its been working on that process for 45 minutes now and still churning. Surely this isn't normal behavior??! Do the other X3 owners have to do this kind of maintenance on their players, or have I really got a bad device?!

Update: it's been over an hour since I started the X3 working on the library update.....no sign of completion yet. WTF?

OK, seventy minutes and still going :-(

Eighty-five minutes and still working on the lib rebuild....
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Just hold on the power button for a few sec until the x3 shuts down. Power it back up and rebuild the library again. It should be much quicker the second time.

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Originally Posted by Yeknodathon View Post

Wow, with Vsonic GR7 Bass and Dr. Chesky's Sensational, Fantastic, and Simply Amazing Binaural Sound Show ... amazing, no Cowon does this to the pleasure parts of my brain

You and Coop are providing me comic relief ....good one guys....looking forward to your posts Lol
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Well I have to report on first connection to the PC USB 2 port, Fiona Fiio (yes, I've named it) went into a right hissy fit and was doing frightful display things and making the PC do disgraceful USB connection noises over and over.


Can't be having that.


Wrenched it off, gave Fiona a damned good telling off and no, no sodding disc check procedure for you, slapped its brushed metal backside and prepared to add some very obscure Swedish harp and nyckelharpa .flac files which EAC didn''t recognise. And why should it? Amazon only had one copy.


Just gotta be damn firm sometimes and not put up with prissy prima donna behaviour.

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Rarely do Head-Fier's outside my home thread make me smile deviously. But you sir, just did.

I'll be looking forward to your future posts about Fiona.

Give her a good talking to. You need to discipline them when they are still young. What are you going to do the day you decide to give her a younger brother X5 right? Hell, I'm getting news that she may have a possible long lost cousin X1-chan. Need to show the family that Yeknodathon is bauwss.
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