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I can understand this. The easy solution is to get a usb 3.0 reader for just $10 or so which will greatly increase the transfer rate for large files. 

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Originally Posted by MattTCG View Post

I can understand this. The easy solution is to get a usb 3.0 reader for just $10 or so which will greatly increase the transfer rate for large files. 

.......i dont know why i didnt think of this..........


EDIT: exfat support would still be fantastic smily_headphones1.gif
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Do you mean batmobile? 

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Originally Posted by shrimants View Post

.......i dont know why i didnt think of this..........


EDIT: exfat support would still be fantastic smily_headphones1.gif


There will be no exFAT support any time soon. Apparently Microsoft charge a hefty licencing fee for it. :frown:

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I know. Doesn't make me want it any less. Seems like something that should have been considered before choosing to not include a hard drive in there. Ntfs support would be terrific too. Or Linux file systems with a software driver. I wonder what the scan and fix errors message is all about though with FAT32
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James and the rest of you guys, I have a suggestion to toss around, see what you guys think.

I notice that the various menu items have only a few options. For example, USB Mode: Storage, Dac. Play Mode: Repeat Once, Repeat All,Shuffle. Theres never more than 4 or so options for any menu option.

Right now we use Volume +/- keys to increment/decrement between various menu selections. Maybe a better way to do it would be to use the "select" button to cycle in a singly linked list? so volume keys would be strictly volume keys and nothing else ever, but the select/OK key would let you go

Option 1>option 2> option 3>option4>option 1

Its just a thought that struck me, I dont know what you guys would think about it. I had the thought because i kept hitting the OK button on some menu items and expected it to work that way, but then had to think about it and hit the volume +/- keys. Also, sometimes I try to hit the volume buttons, misclick and wind up in a menu, and then i have to navigate back to the Now Playing screen before i can touch volume controls.
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Guys, im also getting a LOT of clicks and pops and crackling (intermittently) when using this thing as a USB dac/amp 16/44.1. Anyone else getting this?

EDIT: got to the bottom of the X3 transfer issue. Something or the other happened during transfer to the player or during when windows "fixed" the filesystem. I just ran a bunch of my problematic tracks through the Audiotester tool from vuplayer.com and all of them lost sync. So the player is obviously having issues reading those files because the files themselves are screwy. I'll run them through my machine at home and make sure I dont need to re-download them or something, but I'm fairly certain all of my files at home are fine and its the transfer to the player and any subsequent file system fixing that screwed things up.

So now i have no usable music on this player, no usable music on my work computer (because obviously everything on the player is trash and cant be sent to the computer), and the dac is giving me crackling and popping anyways.

So what is the point of this device?
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Can you let me know your settings for the dac software? I'm fairly certain that's my issue with the cracks and pops. Either that or the USB port is horrendously dirty. It is a Dell after all
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to me, and i think to others, check previous pages, SQ seems better on dac usb than dap.

and i think i heard some clicks but only when it's powered on which would be somehow normal.

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yeah im not talking about the initial clicks, which i think is the protection relay or w/e. I mean that i was listening to youtube videos, 16/44.1, and it kept making clicking sounds and hiccuping.

Im sure it has something to do with asio buffer or latency or something. I was messing with that earlier, and to my knowledg only a handful of people have reported any playback issues during usb dac mode, and all of that stuff is fixed in software.
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Originally Posted by shrimants View Post

They acknowledge the difference is there. However, you kind of have to read between the lines to see what they are saying. 16/44.1 makes sense for listening and audibility purposes because as far as the physical limitations of human physiology goes, the most you can make use of is 22khz, and the most dynamic range you NEED is 16 bits, though 24 bits (while undoubtedly useful for added dynamic range) is entirely useless given the actual dynamic range of music. What they say is that 44.1 is without a doubt all you need because without a doubt, people cant hear over 22khz, and in some cases you might end up damaging the transducer trying to play higher frequencies on your transducers, assuming you dont have a 70khz capable BW 800 series diamond sitting in your living room.

For 24 bit, it WOULD be useful, but no one uses a full 24 bits of dynamic range. that is to say, the difference between the softest and loudest note is never so great that you really even need the full 24 bits to hold it.

HOWEVER! the increased sample rate and larger bit rate is extraordinarily useful for mixing and mastering because of how much "stuff" you have to do to the music before its all at the right volume levels, going through the right channels, and put through the correct DSP's for the correct stereo/multichannel imaging. Plus all the added digital effects.

And to add to the 16 bit argument, dont forget about dithering.


Nice summary of the situation!

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Originally Posted by Marlene View Post


Well, I only tried it, I´m not going to use the HD-600 with a portable like the X3. Not because it´s a portable, just because I won´t take my most favourite headphone out in the open. The HD-600 might be many things but it lacks all the things necessary for taking it outside. Just wanted to know if it works (for the article I plan for my blog).


I am happy to report that the Senn HD650s sound excellent, no make that AWESOME, with the X3. With high gain I only need to set the volume in the 22-25 range to get a full impact-full sound with super imaging. I really can't image the HD650s doing a better job with a different amp or dac, but I haven't heard them from a Bottlehead Crack amp or similar tube amp yet. 


Like Marlene though I won't be taking the HD650 as a portable or to work due to their open design. I really would like to though because they are just in another league compared to my current work phones (Fostex T50RP and KOSS TBSE).  So I am in the market now for something that can compete with the HD650 but in a closed can.  (Top contenders at this point look to be the B&W P7 and possibly the Shure 1540 if I can't find something equally good at a lesser price).



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im still waiting on someone to let me know what the factory default settings for the tusbaudio driver for windows are.....let me know, guys
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Okay, I'm a complete idiot. Gapless playback works fine for ALAC and FLAC in both Category>Album mode and Browse Files mode. The first thing I did when I received my X3 was to update it to the new firmware version 2.05. Or so I though. Apparently I had updated my firmware to 1.31 instead. :confused_face: Now that I really have updated to 2.05 everything is fine.

All stupidity aside, I'm really loving my X3 now! :happy_face1:

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