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I will upload it to an alt site when I get home

If someone else does it before me then
Please stick with mediafire and mega guys. And uploading from a real account.

All others suck
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thanks..i think Malaysia and China internet line has problem

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Originally Posted by doki81 View Post

haha..i funded this project too :)


nice,, is yours the december or april  batch? =)

one reason why the AK10 looks tempting, but the fact that it cost $300 is ridiculous... but if the X3 can really be used as USB DAC with phones/pads, wow awesome bargain... 

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Sharing dropbox link for latest firmware




Dont leach on my dropbox bandwidth :p

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It works great as a DAC with my laptop but no luck with my HTC one or my nexus 7 (2'nd gen), both of them working with my AQ dragonfly and udac2. Maybe someone else has better luck.
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Any chance of keeping the same audio as the FW1.31 (not in DAC mode) but add the function to the same FW DAC.


Note very high tones charged with FW2.05, hurt my teeth.


Sorry for my bad English.




Alguna posibilidad de mantener el mismo audio que el FW1.31 (no en modalidad DAC) pero agregar la funcion DAC a ese mismo FW.


Note muy cargado a los tonos altos con el FW2.05, me dolieron las muelas.


Disculpen por mi mal ingles.



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I dont think FiiO did any sonic changes. Check your eq. Dac mode beta changed my eq settings once
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It's certainly a funny thing. I too could swear I heard an improvement in sound quality after installing the new firmware and re- listening to a file that i had just listened to the day before. All of this was prior to reading the initial post claiming an improvement in the sound quality after installing the new firmware. The placebo effect would hinge entirely on both expectation bias and the power of suggestion. How could either of those be a factor however when i had no cognoscente expectation bias due entirely on not experiencing any sound quality improvements after the installation of the previous firmwares, and also not having read the relevant post before hand so there would be could not be any  power of suggestion. I am not about to go through the aggravation of returning to the previous firmware to do another comparison just to try, most likely fruitlessly, to confirm this one way or the other. i really don't see the point. Also i can also swear that I can detect subtle sound differences between a file played back through browse files and the same file played back through Categories/Album.


On a completely unrelated topic I read in a previous post, in this thread, about a way to get gapless playback from the Browse Files header previous to the availability of the new 2.05 firmware simply by turning off the X3 and turning it back on while having the player set to resume from the start of the last track listened to. I never experienced that, but I did experience something very similar and I would presume connected. I have found that if you start playback from the Categories/Album header when having the player settings set to resume from the beginning of the last track when you turned off the player, and then turned it back on again, it would no longer play that particular file in gapless. So basically the exact opposite of what the other poster experienced. Spooky! Actually it appears that for some reason turning the player off then on again seems to reverse the gapless setting.


All sort of a moot point now however, with the release of firmware 2.05

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So If currently on 2.05 we can just revert let say 1.31 by just like put the 1.31 firmware file and update again ?
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i've fond this links on the FiiO Facebook:


FW2.05.zip http://www.mediafire.com/?vql2m95v0aug5q6.

 X3_USB_AUDIO20_Windows_Driver.zip http://www.mediafire.com/?vcx3z6e49b1krrs

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I also found a difference in sound coming from FW 1.23.
Dunno if it's placebo effect, but I changed bass settings from -2 to 0.
And I also can hear a difference with trebles... Not higher or lower, just different.
Anyways, everything works like a charm as a DAC. Thanks FiiO!
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I also thought I heard a treble boost before reading this. 


Can we get official word from James on whether the audio has been tweaked?

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Originally Posted by MrScratch View Post

Mavericks user here, running VLC 2.0.8 and no issues whatsoever with different MOVs and ALACs (I've changed the sampling rates a couple of times, too). Did you reboot the X3?

Thanks for that, it was FLAC's I was trying. I will experiment some more and try it again tomorrow and report back. And yes, I had rebooted the X3.
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Originally Posted by tjw321 View Post

X3 works perfectly as a DAC on my Mac (so far), also on Mavericks. I haven't used VLC yet, and I'm not home to try it, but I remember getting bad quality from VLC to a different DAC in the past. IIRC the fix was just to turn the volume down in VLC. IIRC, Quicktime/iTunes don't offer a volume control when a DAC is connected but VLC does, and if you turn it up in VLC it overloads something in the chain giving you distortion.

That's very useful information and thank you. I will do some further testing tomorrow and report back.
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Originally Posted by bowei006 View Post



Why didn't you buy it locally from South America?

Sorry for the delay.

The only vendor listed on Fiio website here in Brazil still didn't have the device at the time I was about to buy and I couldn't wait whether or when it would arrive. And yet it wouldn't be locally: they would have to ship it to me, because the store is in São Paulo, I live in Aracaju... and maybe it would be more expensive. Whether by customs tax or local vendor profit margins, my wallet would gonna hurt anyway.

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