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Anyone Else Stopped at an Airport with a CMoy?

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I went through Heathrow last week and managed to freak out 2 security guards at the luggage screening. As soon as I put it my CMoy in the luggage tray for screening extra guards were called over because they were really concerned about this weird electronic gadget with a 9v battery in an Altoids tin.


It took a lot of explaining what a portable headphone amp was and why I needed it. This was also made harder because I was using the amp with Yuin PK1s which most people have a hard time believing are fairly expensive equipment judging from their budget appearance.


Eventually they let me through after confiscating the 9v battery, but after that harrowing experience I made sure to pack everything in my suitcase for the return journey. Anyway just wanted to see if this is a common experience for others.

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Try explaining a customised electronic cigarette through screening and you'll know all about it seeing as smoke comes out it too....biggrin.gif
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I somehow got my CMoy through the TSA goon squad in the States without incident.


Not sure it would have made it to my destination in checked baggage- they have a reputation of frequent thieving...

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My imod with ibasso and an elastic band round it sttracted a lot of attention at Heathrow. I put it in the tray with my keys. Luckily the chap said he knew about them. But that was after he said it looked like an explosive device. I must have an innocent face. He put a wand over it and all was happy.
We live in a world full of fear don't we?
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Same thing happened to me with my iPod, CLAS and Rx MK 3 at Heathrow. The security guys took me aside and initially disbelieved that such a stack was used for music replay, so they put it through the scanner twice then swabbed it for explosive residue! Eventually they got fed up and let me through. 

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I've past Gatwick and Faro with a DIY cmoy in a Zippo box, and my C421, no questions asked, strange.
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Well unrelated kinda, but: I got stopped in security, they said I had fluids in my backpack. I was like, da hell you talking about! So they checked, and found sunscreen in my bag. So I was like I didn't know that was there. Way back, I get stopped by security. They say they see liquid. I'm like no way. They check my bag, bug spray. So, idk if some1 planted them on me, or if the 1ST TsA missed the bugspray, scary haha
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Airport Security Officer:
"Nine times out of ten it's an electric razor, but every once in a while...
[whispering] it's a CMoy.
"Of course it's company policy never to imply ownership in the event of a CMoy... always use the indefinite article 'a CMoy', never 'your CMoy'."

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