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Fiio E6 or E11 for my sennheiser hd449 ????

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I am confused between Fiio E6 and Fiio E11 portable amp to power up my sennheiser HD449(Impedance is 32 ohm), which has a pretty balanced sound but the only problem is little weak bass and weaker overall volume. Please suggest.



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looking on the same solution.

Hoping someone more expert than me can help :-)



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My E11 happily and effectively drives my fidelio x1s and Martin Logan mikros 90s. Both are about 20-30 ohms. Sounds great.
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I'd choose the e11 over the e6. The e11 is simply the better amp with more control, soundstage, and a better bass boost than the e6. The e11 is almost twice as powerful as the e6. If you can stretch it the e12 is much better still, but perhaps not until you get in to more mid/hi fi headphones.

The e6 really is for convenience of size for on the go applications.

This should be moved to the portable amp section, not full sized amps.
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Have a HD449 truth be told i was underwhelmed by it and took out for sale (kept in the box for 4 months). The good news here is the fake leather or plether worned out , the inside leather cover completely came out so took a scissor cut it off on both the side exposing the foam. So i gave them i try again with my Fiio E17 on gain 6,for some reason it sounded pretty good the bass was more present as the details were always there. I don't know if its pseudo effects (like burning), it really sound better than ever and the best of all i dont get sweaty ears, so i kept my audio technica m-30 aside and using it from last week( chucked the plan for selling them).

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Never tried them but I have tried few headphones with both e6 and e11 and every time they sound much 'fresher' with the e11...so going by my experience, as others have stated before me- E11!
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