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iPod Touch 5/ iPad Mini 24/96

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Hello, world.


Currently I'm using the following in my portable rig:


Player:  ipad Mini or ipod Touch 5 + 8Player app

Storage:  Seagate Wireless Plus


Amp: C421 (irrelevant)


It's all working fine, with the exception of the annoyance of the Seagate taking a minute to boot up and then another 3+ minutes for the library to scan and come up in the player app.


My question is this:

Will the 24/96 FLAC files I'm playing through 8Player (which supports that format) stay 24/96 through to the DAC and then will the CLAS -dB convert the stream at that sample rate?


In the other threads relating to setting up configurations like this, it was mentioned only the ipad could do it, but that was during the previous generation of ipad and touch and I'm not sure what the basis of the limitation was (software/cpu/etc).  I'm also not sure if the CLAS -dB can even do its part should the i-device even deliver the 24/96 to it.  I know the old one couldn't, but I think that I read that the -dB version could accept 24/96 without downsampling.


I'd prefer to just use the Touch because I can velcro it to the top of the CLAS but with the mini I need to use a lighting cable.  If the ipad is necessary for 24/96 then I'll stick with it, but if the CLAS is downsampling before conversion then the point is moot.  


If anyone has some non-speculative information I'd be indebted to you for sharing.





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Are using the Apple camera connector kit (CCK)? I've read that you need that to get actual 24/96 out of the iPad. Unfortunately, my iPhone5 does not support the CCK, and I dont know about the iPod.


I am also using the Seagate Wireless Plus. I have about 500 GB of FLAC on their. Whenever I turn it off and on, it takes the UPnP flac player apps that I use on the iPhone 20 minutes to re-index and show all of the music folders. Do you have that issue?



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