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Meridian Explorer

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Does anybody else in this forum think that this is one great DAC? I've had mine for a couple of days and it sounds great. I like it better than the Dragonfly. Handles up to 192K too. MacBook Pro > Pure Music > Meridian Explorer DAC > AKG 702's is my set up.

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Where did you acquire this since it's just recently released?

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Todd the Vinyl Junkie

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Or search for local dealer and give them a call



For me a dealer is only 5 miles away, they have a demo unit.   and 10 more will arrive in few days.  It's always safe to try it before buying.


I trust Meridian sound, without listening I directly ordered from Todd last week, shipped today. :)




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Todd the Vinyl Junkie

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It would be interesting to do a comparison against the AQ Dragonfly since these are similar form-factor devices.


Thanks for the links and interested in further observations from folks on the Meridian.

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I have since yesterday This device is very well worth its price - I use it with a PC thinkpad and windows 8 I installed foobar 2000 with WASAPI component running in the best mode - As for the sound it is incredible for just 300 euros -
I am mesmerized by its realistic sound, I am a long time follower of Meridian sound, and anyone should give it a try Actually I think this little device will turn many an amateur into trying their more expensive line The explorer is so good as a headphone amp, it drives my high impedance HD650 so well beyond expectations - Still some flacs needs a dedicated amp because the level can be too low, but all in all I could live without an amp - For IEM this amp is the best I have ever tried, it is exceptionnal and
I think Meridian team put a great effort into designing a good headphone amp in every aspect -

I love it so much it is a great usb dac with headphone amp - Also the line out is driving my tube amp and I love every bit of it - Highly recommended -
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Has anyone in this thread had much luck with Linux and this device?  I am running Fedora 18 and the device is recognized fine - but... I am unable to adjust the output level to a reasonable setting.  If I use the "sound applet" and drive the output upwards of 100% the volume is OK but it sounds horribly saturated.  Also - I create my music on a Macbook Pro at 192K and if I listen to those mp3s on my Mac, all 3 LEDs are illuminated.  However the same exact mp3 played through Linux only illuminates the one LED (Operating).  Unfortunately I spend a majority of my time using Linux on one machine or another and carrying around a 15" MacBook Pro like an iPod is not ideal.  Although - after listening to the Meridian Explorer it seems almost worth it!  I was hoping that there was a discernible difference, and I am not disappointed.

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