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For Sale or Trade: Superlux hd669

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale or Trade:
Superlux hd669

Will Ship To: USA

Trade offers welcome as always.




Sony DZX701ip. this is the model with the mic and amrtphone controls. like new condition $30.00 shipped SOLD


Superlux hd669. Like new, has box and accesories. $60.00 shipped- now 45

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how long is the cable on the xb500 currently?

and how long has the cable been in place?

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cable about 5 feet long, about a month, it wasnt a new cable i made, but a cable i had lying around, i believe its from another sony

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Can u explain what exactly you mean by "XB500 drivers used in project"? Did you transplant them in the Superlux phones? If so I may be interested.
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actually, I put the sony drivers into a fake beats pro I have. 

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So, uh, those Sony's are just earmuffs? biggrin.gif

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Exactly. If u need headband and pads make me an offer
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