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Hi everyone,


I am a long time lurker and bought my last pair of headphones through lots of research on here. Thank you so much for being a fountain of knowledge!


I currently own a pair of Ultrasone HFI 780 which I use via a cheap Fiio E5 running through a 5th Gen iPod and HTC sensation running PowerAmp. It fulfils my needs on a daily portable basis. I have moved into DJ'ing using vinyl decks and a really old Behringer mixer.


I do use the 780s at the moment to DJ with, but I am finding that the bass element is just not quite there.... it's ok if I press the earcup to  my ears to get a good seal, but I am looking for something with more punch to it so that I can beat match a bit more easily...


The usual suspects have cropped up in my research so far, namely:


Pioneer HDJ-2000

Sennheiser HD-25

AKG 167

Ultrasone 580/DJ1/DJ1 pro

Technics 1200

Allen and Heath XD-53.


 My question here is.. which one is a natural progression from the 780? I would like to be able to use it out and about as well and retain a good sound quality. I do find the 780's to be quite sibilant and would like a can which don't pierce my ears if I have them turned up to monitoring levels! I do quite like the S-Logic aspect of the 780s.


How do the cans listed above compare with the 780 in terms of highs/lows and sound quality generally? I want them to be over ear rather than on ear if possible. I can deal with the clamping force of the 780s so that is not an issue.


I have a max budget of around £200.


In terms of music I DJ with UK hard trance/Hard house with trance making an appearance every so often. Artists like Technikal, BK, Lab 4, Justin Bourne, Marc Johnson...


I also listen to some liquid drum and bass when out and about, but I don't mix this. I'm sorry if this is a repeat thread, but I just cannot get true comparisons with the 780 in one single thread and I keep on going round and round in circles!! 


I am currently leaning towards the DJ1 Pro, will it be good enough to use as a DJ can? 


Many thanks for your help and time in advance!