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A Tale of Two Tube Amps - The Woo Audio WA7 and ALO Audio PanAm - Page 6

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How do these two compare against the O2/ODAC, particularly for the LCD-2.2?  

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Originally Posted by Meremoth View Post

How do these two compare against the O2/ODAC, particularly for the LCD-2.2?  


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It's more musically engaging. While the O2 has an uncanny clarity, I'd prefer to listen for longer with the WA7. For want of a better description, the O2 trades off dynamics for low noise. Drums, for example, have more impact with better amps (not just the WA7) where with the O2 they sound rather flat.  The in-built DAC of the WA7 is a little bit coloured as well, but that is far harder to describe. I didn't have the ODAC here at the same time as the WA7, so I can't compare them.

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Sorry for this post does not relate to this topic. Where can I order a good high quality USB power hub such as Aurorasound USB Bus Power Pro? Google it but only saw on Japanese website, besides other USB power hubs brands would you like to recommend? My budget is about $100-$150. Thanks.

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How WA7 compare against Centrance DACmini, especially for HE500 and HD650?

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Originally Posted by kothganesh View Post

On a different note, any thoughts about how the WA7 would compare to a Bifrost/Lyr stack ? Enquiring minds want to know.

I would also be interested in this comparison, especially for a headphone like the LCD-2 and HE-500

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any opinions on the WA7 vs WA2 vs WA6 with upgrade tubes vs bifrost+Lyr vs panam with the HD800

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I have a few questions that I hope the experts here can help me clarify:


1. The WA7 page on the Woo Audio website says that an umbilical power cord (which i assume is for the external power supply given) but no AC cord is provided. So is it safe to assume that it will work with any generic AC cord (i.e.230V ones) without the possibility of it frying the insides?

2. I've read that the TH600 pairs very well with it. How bout the TH900? (i might have missed that within the threads so i do apologize if i repeated the question)

3. Can anybody give a detailed comparison between the WA7 and the HP-A8? (again, if i missed it i apologize)


Thanks guys. =)

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1) Yes, any power cord that's socket compatible will do. When I ran low, I used my PS3 power cord. Note I'm only referring to operability - beefy audio power cords can go to the Sound Science section

2) Beautiful too. I had both the TH-600 & TH-900 when I demoed the WA7. I own the TH-900 but the WA7 & TH-600 were loaners. This is going back by memory but the WA7 narrowed the gap between the TH-series more so than my HP-A8. I would have considered picking up the WA7 if I didn't have my sites on the Zana Deux.

3) the amp section of the HP-A8 was to me the bigger let-down. The WA7 improved the imaging & dimension of the presentation over the HP-A8. My non-audiophile wife suggested for me to sell my HP-A8 for the WA7 which I was highly tempted.

The DAC of the WA7 didn't wow me as much. It did well but in the end using the AKM DAC from the HP-A8 & WA7 as the amp was a more detailed & engaging combination than just the WA7 on its own. Jack Woo hinted that there may be just an amp-only WA7. If that turned to a reality I think that would be a very nice addition to the Woo family.
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Thanks for your help. What do you think about the Audeze LCD 2/3 vs TH600/900 in terms of the synergy with the WA7 and the HP-A8? I'm interested in looking for a more compact solution (relatively to having a separate amp and dac) because it may need to be transferred on occasion. I listen to a whole wide range of genres (rock,pop, jazz, acoustic, classical, electronic you name it I probably have at least a few songs of it) from old days to the current mainstream music but do not particularly enjoy stuff like heavy metal and hip-hop.


Great to hear your wife being supportive of the WA7 though. It usually takes a very good product to impress the non-audiophiles. It's easier to impress those who have the audiophile genes in them but have yet to discover them themselves.

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Unfortunately I can't speak much for the Audeze's as I've never owned one. My only open headphone is the SR-009 which has its own amp.

Currawong can speak more about the WA7 synergy however I don't believe he has the TH-6/900 therefore don't know if he can do a direct comparison.
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Fantastic review, really. Thank you.

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Has anyone tried the WA7 or WA6 with CIEMs? Curious as while there is a impedance switch for both of these amps and they are rated for 8-600ohm headphones, it still might affect the sound signatures of CIEMs.

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I have used it with the FitEar 334 and F111. The WA7 is dead silent and its an outstanding amp.
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Great review and input on both amps.  Do you have any recommendations on pairing either/or with the Beyer DT990/600 headphone?



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