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A Tale of Two Tube Amps - The Woo Audio WA7 and ALO Audio PanAm - Page 8

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so which one sound cleaner and absolutely transparent ? :normal_smile :

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Fidelity182: The WA7 overall, with the tube upgrade, but some of that depends on the headphones and the music. The more demanding the headphones and the more detailed the music the more apparent the differences. The PanAm is still very good with the Gateway and better than stock tubes and only a bit behind with a lot of music.



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I recall reading somewhere that Woo Audio would be sending everyone in the 1st batch of orders something to keep the glass block from shifting around -- is this true, or did I dream this up somehow?


I got mine for the pre-order price, and haven't received anything of that sort yet...


Mine is an original version too and I just put pieces of sticky silicon that sounded the stick-on feet from something else on the corners rather than bug Jack about it.


However, in your case I'd contact Woo Audio and ask them about it.

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Thanks again for the update, I am very new to this forum, but find it pretty interesting, lots of information.


The PanAmp sounds very warm and bold indeed, for its price at $699/- in Singapore. 

Unfortunately if you make a AB comparison with the Studio Six, immediately you will notice the difference.

Both has its characteristic, again depend on your budget and taste again :happy_face1:

Nope, no chance to audit the WA7 yet.:happy_face1:

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Interesting review. :wink:

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Just got the PanAm and LCD2,2 for Black Friday (15% off the Pan Am and 20% off the LCD, around $1250 total!) what a combo.  I was thinking of the WA7 but for less than half the price I went wight eh Pan Am.  Just rolled in some Mullard Tubes that many recommended and they sound awesome, great separation, staging and punch.  I am not sure how the WA7 could be much better but hope to check that out at a get-together. (sorry for the multiple posts, computer went crazy!!)

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Originally Posted by Currawong 


My normal gear preference and choice for many years has been solid state. I have held a curiosity, however, in tube-based audio gear and the possibilities and presentation that comes from it. 
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 better the soundstage, mids and treble are with some of the tubes 

Quote: from "How to equalize your headphones: advanced tutorial (in progress)"
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This methodology is the basis for me claiming victory of the $10 Philips SHE3580 over the $200 Etymotic ER-4P (for ergonomic reasons, and because they now sound equally as good to my ears), so there should be something to it ;)


Quote: from "Sennheiser HD 600 Appreciation Thread"

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Secondly does the old theory of tubes clipping more gracefully the dynamic high peaks in the music still hold sway? I do not know if relatively low-power headphone amps are subject to power amp theory, but I thought may be they are.

Quote:"Sennheiser HD 600 Appreciation Thread"
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EQ can help, isn't that part of what a hearing aid does.

Forget about clipping, that should not be happening, get an amp that has enough headroom. This is easy enough to do nowadays. The old theory is not old theory but soft tube clipping is for an electric guitarist not for someone trying to enjoy listening to music (playback). If you opt to buy a tube amp it's not for the purposes of clipping but for the sound of tubes, being even order harmonic distortion, not a lot of it, just a bit for warmth. Myself, I prefer the clean sound of Solid State, but that's a personal choice. I do have a small hybrid amp.


OK all those preliminary quotes are in preparation to ask you what is the theory of tube rolling is it just the even order harmonic distortion which StanD mentioned in my quote immediately above? Or is it also monkeying around with the total headphones frequency response delivered to your is? (Which I know can also affect soundstage.) Or is it some sort of coloration which camp beasts called distortion? Or what all you all think is the reasons tube rolling works?

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Hi Amos, I deciding between the Pathos Aurium and the WA7 for my XC. Did you have the opportunity to try the former and if so is it significantly better? I known Innerfidelity put it on the wall of fame. Thanks!

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If you decide to get WA7 get tube power supply too for best sound
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@Lutrty I haven't had a chance to audition the Pathos, sorry. 


@bbmiller Sorry for missing your question, but the whole thing about tube gear being purely for the "even order harmonic distortion" is not true. There are plenty of tube amps without it and it is far from the only kind of distortion that an amp can have.

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One Q


I have the combo amp / dac Panam + ​​Senn HD700 and reproduce music with my laptop, which would be the ideal cable for connecting the amp, USB B, Mini Jack or RCA? Which gives me better sound quality?

Thank you

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