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ALO International vs. Ray Samuels Intruder

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I am looking for the best portable amp/DAC combo and have narrowed it down to the ALO International and the Ray Samuels Intruder.    I think I will use Beyerdynamic t5p with the new protable amp dac. 


Does anyone have any experience comparing the two? 


Are there any other top of the line portable amp/dac that I am missing?

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I'm interested in this comparison as well.
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I have the T5p and am looking for a top-notch portable setup as well. You asked for other TOTL portable DAC/amp combos, so here are some other ones I've looked at as well: 


Apex Glacier

Pico DAC/Amp

Leckerton UHA6S.MKII

ADL by Furutech X1 (not yet released)


Although honestly, you probably need to list what your source is going to be. If you're using a laptop, it seems like just about anything will work. If you're using an Android device (like me), than your choices will generally be very different from those using Apple devices. At the moment, there seem to be more options available for Apple devices, but the number of Android-compatible units is growing pretty quickly. 


So, what do you plan on using as a source? 

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My sources would be a macbook pro, ipod or android device. Here's what I know about digital in compatibility:

International: ipod < 6.x, osx, windows

Intruder: osx, android (samsung galaxy III), windows


I'm leaning towards the International since it has a better DAC, smaller footprint and compatible with an ipod.

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My primary use is a dell laptop but I will also use it with an iphone.  I know I probably will only be able to use the amps of these devices and not the DACvs when connected to the iphone. 

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if you want iphone and comptuer input, theres also the upcoming centrance m8

around same price range and is supposed to be king of portable amp/dacs

theres a thread on it

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The M8 looks good except for the size. The size footprint isn't as small as the international or intruder.
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What did you end up going with?

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