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Suggestions needed for < $80 closed

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I'm looking to buy closed headphones for less than $ 80 USD.

For background info, I listen to classic rock, Motown, Bob Marley, acoustic rock/folk, old school country, etc. My right ear is missing one of the bones in the middle so I can hear, but its quieter than left ear. I'm 50 years old so my ears are larger now.

My main needs are comfort, and closed to minimize sound leaking.

I currently have the mono price phones but they are a little to small in diameter for my ears so not comfy for more than 20 to 30 minutes.

Amazon has Audio-Technica ATH-M30 at a good price. Any suggestions or comments on their comfort.

Any other suggestions?

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Sony MDR V6

Creative Aurvana Live

Koss Pro DJ100 TB Version

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I like the Creative Aurvana Live quite a lot, and find them comfortable, but there is no denying the fact that the openings in the pads are on the small size, and if you have large ears, you are unlikely to have them fit within.

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I recommend the Shure SRH440. 

The only Con of this headphone is the comfort, but you can use SRH840 pads to increase comfort. 

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Another possibility is the Sennheiser HD 439.  Closed, good bass support for rock, and the vocals come through well.  


Detachable cable and they provide both a short and long cable.  I find them quite comfortable -- always hard to know if that translates to other heads.  Naturally.  The cable is a bit lightweight -- no problem with that in my usage, but worried it might not be as durable as they might be.

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Some Amazon reviewers seem to say the Sony v6 are not comfy.

I do like detachable cords.

Are the ATH M 30s not comfy?

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Raise the budget slightly and go for the Fostex T50RP?

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I have to recommend Creative Aurvana Live as well. Does a your genres not spectacularly, but quite well, is comfortable, and fits your budget. 

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The entry level from ultrasone HFI-450 is not bad with your genres, it have clarity with enjoyable bass. Overall, its a fun sounding headphone. 

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But I wonder if the ATH M 30s are truly circumaural.  Does anyone know?

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Originally Posted by flatmap View Post

But I wonder if the ATH M 30s are truly circumaural.  Does anyone know?

The M30s are circumaural, but its a real snug fit (for my average sized ears).

My ears fit inside of the pad opening, but the edges of my ears are touching the pads all the way around.

To offer a comparison, the opening is slightly smaller than that of the M50 (which I also find small).


However, the M30s are real light weight (and I stretched out the headband to reduce clamp), so even if they do rest on parts of your ears, they aren't overly uncomfortable or painful, just....snug.

Not sure I could listen with them for prolonged periods; but to add, I haven't used them in over a year since upgrading, so I don't remember how they felt with longer use. They sound real nice for their pricepoint though (~$45). Amazon has a good return policy, so you could always send them back (less shipping) if they don't feel right.


Not sure about other options for under $80. I enjoy the Koss TBSE1/ Pro DJ, but the pad opening is just as small (I use the M50 pads on these for better comfort, and I hear that HM5 pads work well too, and are very comfortable). After using the M30s for a while, I jumped up to the Beyer DT 770 Pro-80s, which are ridiculously comfortable, but much more expensive.

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Shure SRH440 are really nice for the price.

But if you are willing to raise the price a little and do some mods, I agree Aaron94, get a pair of Fostex T50rp. They are amazing, especially after some mods.

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Originally Posted by Cocophone View Post

Some Amazon reviewers seem to say the Sony v6 are not comfy.

I do like detachable cords.

Are the ATH M 30s not comfy?

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I don't know if they're comfortable - the earpieces look to be on the small side.


It seems to me that the headphones mentioned throughout this thread are better options.




As for the comfort of the V6, I find mine to be very comfortable as far as closed headphones.

In fact, I can (and do) easily fall asleep while wearing them.


They're popular studio headphones, and have been for a long time.

Studio personnel have to wear them for extended periods; I'm not sure

the Amazon reviews saying they're uncomfortable are truly representative.


In my view, they are really fine headphones and for some reason consistently

underrated here on head-fi.  Oh well, so it goes...




Why do you want a detachable cable?  




The price of the CAL varies greatly on Amazon.

At night, it often drops to around $62.00 or so

with free shipping.  

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my monoprice has a detachable cable and it seems convient to be able to swap out short vs long cords depending on if I'm at work, home, etc.


I'm a novice regarding headphones, but I'm thinking that studio type headphones are what I would like.  They would not have too much bass, too much treble, etc.

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I have both Monoprice Headphones, as well as Shure SRH -440's (with the 840 pads). As far as sound quality goes, they are kind opposites. I use the monoprices for more bass oriented music...while the 440's are more for classical/ vocal oriented.  Cocophone, you can get the 440's for $87 dollars on amazon right this second... I think they compliment the monoprices PERFECTLY. Closed, they dont leak much at all. But beware...the detail you hear with these headphones do kinda put people off who are looking for a more "fun sound"

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