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Just saw that, T70p for $399 http://ncix.ca/products/?sku=81343&vpn=713872&manufacture=Beyerdynamic&promoid=1421


free shipping for Canada.


I don't know if the T70p are good, but I just wanted to let you know.

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Thanks for the tip on the Lime Green Q701s. I've been wanting to try these and was waiting for a good deal. The price for these was insanely good. Thanks for the head's up.

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[Mod Edit: Read the first post.]

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Well that escalated quickly biggrin.gif
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Well now i'm thoroughly paranoid.

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well you probably won't get banned, but the posts are generally deleted, but in general its still better to avoid talking about that site here... 

well not really even sure now (I guess you get blocked from the thread)


Anyways there's an onkyo ie hf300 one ebay for ~$100:



I'm not sure how good of a deal this is but amazon has it for $130 so...

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  • Group buy/mass buy site links or discussion about them are also not permitted. That includes hinting. Group buys on Head-Fi are not allowed due to issues in the past with predatory pricing, companies being harassed to sell cheap (which screws over their dealers) and vendors being overwhelmed to the point people lost money. 



I think this has been added to recently to make it SUPER clear, but I thought it was pretty clear to begin with...

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Getting back on track, this dude has some wicked good buys on stuff. For example-

Just go to his EBay Store, username is musictwo
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Since people can't obey rules, this thread is now permanently closed.

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