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Originally Posted by LNCPapa View Post

 This site is really killing me... fraud prevention called today because I've purchased so many things just today.

Don't know precisely why, but this struck me as really funny!
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Originally Posted by azurerice View Post

Hi guys,


Long time lurker, first time poster here so I hope I'm doing this right. Just wanted to let you you all know that Sonic Electronix also has the Fidelio X1 on sale for $245.95 w/ free shipping. (price shows when you add to cart)




They also seem to be a pretty reliable seller.


Welcome to Head-Fi. Sorry about your wallet. Also, heck of a first post. You've already slapped my wallet as well with this one.


Also as a side note with this sale, there's a banner at the top stating something about getting a free portable grill with orders over $200. I wonder if I'll get a grill myself. That'd be interesting. Listen to music while grilling on my tiny portable grill outside.

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Great first post indeed. Although not sure if to thank you or block you lol. Thanks mate!


Back to the deals, shoreline music has a couple new closeout deals. One of which is the Arcam rLink DAC for $119:

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Haha, thanks for the warm welcome. Just trying to return the favorwink.gif

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Well this long time lurker got in too late- out of stock :(


Oh well!


Edit: Hang on, the site is still allowing orders to be placed. Not knowing when it will be satisfied, should I go for it?

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Which are you trying to get vsg?  I know there were 2 pairs of X1 stuck in my shopping cart that I couldn't get out - hope they release soon as I did successfully order one pair.

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The Fidelio X1. 

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Originally Posted by Malfunkt View Post

For you Canadians, Staples is blowing out their discontinued stock on Koss Tony Bennett Signature Edition headphones for $29.95

Picked up a pair, quite satisfied.

Already off the site xO
I'll pass by at some point tomorrow and hopefully pick one up
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TTVJ Deal of the Day: Algorhythm Solo 10% off putting it at 630.



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Originally Posted by JoeDoe View Post

TTVJ Deal of the Day: Algorhythm Solo 10% off putting it at 630.


For those of you who may be geographically closer, moon audio has the same deal.
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Dude anyone who is going to pay a hundred bucks for a couple of wooden sticks is a complete idiot! Seriously go to Ikea or something and get the same thing for 120 bucks, or even better: make your own for 10 bucks.


Edit nevermind this post, the deal I saw is a record holder. But the same story still stands strong. ;) Keep in mind where you put your money!!

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I finally gave in... I had a $25 gift card too so this wasn't a hard decision. Plus if they aren't for me I can easily sell them here and get my money back. Win win for everyone Thanks for posting the deal!

Originally Posted by LNCPapa View Post

Originally Posted by Carlsan View Post

Posted this over on the portable deals thread, but in case you didn't see that, MP4Nation is having a one day sale:





Originally Posted by Bostonears View Post


Good price considering that's what the stand alone usually sells for. But bundling IEMs with a headphone stand is rather bizarre.


Yeah - it is bizarre... but just happens to be exactly what I need.  Wife wanted to try another pair of IEMs and I need another Peridot.  Picked this up since even if she doesn't like the M5 I still get a stand out of it.  Also grabbed a Quartz while I was at it.


Well I have that stand, my wife gave it to me for Fathers day and was planning on getting another so this is perfect! Might as well since it'll cost me about the same to just buy the stand. Great buy.







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Coupon code STARS15 will take 15% discount at JH Audio off its cutsom in ear monitors.  Sale is valid only until July 7, 2013 11:59PM EST

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A whole bunch of stuff on sale at the Nuforce estore... http://estore.nuforce.com/4th-of-july-sale/


Icon HD - $249

Icon iDo - $149

Icon2 - $175 (anyone looking for a great all-in-one dac/amp for your HE-6, this is a fantastic price)

Dia - $199

bluetooth sport headset - $10

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Full compass is offering lower prices on a variety of already reduced Beyer B-stocks. Catch is that you have to call to find out what the price is. 




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